Arthur Campaign – Chapter 1: The Coming of the Saxons

Mission 1

by Stratego

Mission Briefing:

“One of Sir Bedivere’s foot solider has arrived at the castle and informs us that his master has been wounded and retreating from the advancing Saxons. He lies in the depths of the forest with a handful of loyal troops. This knight is furious of nature with a sword and shield, my lord, and would be a formidable ally against the Saxon invaders. Seek him out and bring him back to the security of the castle, but be wary, those trees contain more than acorns.”

Objectives for Victory:

  • Rescue Sir Bedivere and return him to your keep

Losing Conditions:

  • Rescue party killed
  • Sir Bedivere dies

Starting units:39 Men at Arms, Lord
Map size:Small
Starting Date:December 1220
Game Version:1.2


Welcome to the King Arthur Campaign! Chapter 1 is divided into three separate missions, so let’s start with the first one:

It’s your task to liberate Sir Bedivere and his body guards taken prisoner by Saxon warriors not far away in enemy land. Sir Bedivere is a “gruff” person, occasionally a bit rude – but he’s a glorious fighter, too. Coming from Wales knight Sir Bedivere is incredibly loyal to King Arthur, and he’s always ready to fight on his king’s side at any situation. This frightening warrior carries the famous Horn of Camelot, which – once it’s been blown – makes enemy walls collapse. These smashing powers will recover after being used.

You start with 39 men-at-arms split into two detachments each in line formation. Men-at-arms are the first type of troops available in this mission. Not wearing any armours they are faster than any other military units, however they aren’t well-versed in hand-to-hand stuff! Men-at-arms (called spearmen in Stronghold2) are usually carrying one spear, hurling their deadly weapon at their targets as the enemy is within reach. Subsequently, they’re drawing a long dagger to use in close combat. Shortly after a fight (about one minute) they are being rearmed by a new spear, but be aware, it’s not provided by the armoury!

Now let’s check the situation: You’ve got the choice between two alternative paths leading to Sir Bedivere’s position. Don’t take the detour to the left, as you may get under enemy fire by Saxon archers right beyond the river. On the dangerous route that is straight ahead of you, you’ll encounter different patrolling groups of Saxon warriors. These tough chaps are able to eliminate several spearmen one after another without any severe problems.

Therefore, keep watchful, and don’t get entangled in any ill-considered fatal hand-to-hand combats. Instead of that, apply this following tactics:

Select one of your men-at-arms; have him lure those three Saxon warriors who are blocking your path right ahead of you. Retreat your “decoy” as soon as the Saxon guards take notice of his approach. The Saxons will chase him running headlong into disaster being stabbed by volleys of spears from your waiting men-at-arms.

After the first step is done, save the game, and get the habit to do so after every minor success. Don’t move on yet, as there are 5 Saxon warriors waiting in ambush, just around the corner at the entrance of the left passage.

Wait until they take notice of your presence. In the meantime, most of your men should be equipped again with spears that you can put the screws on the attacking Saxons (view this screenshot above).

Now move on until you pass the ruined church, and charge at the two patrolling Saxon warriors properly using the same tactics as before. Then deal with the five Saxons further along in playing cat and mouse with them. Keep in mind – don’t act rashly! Each time, make sure that your men are completely rearmed with their spears before sending the enemy to hell.

Finally, Sir Bedivere is in sight, and before you can rescue him, you have to kill those eight Saxon guards patrolling at the entrance to that place where Sir Bedivere is being captured. If you followed this method attentively, you shouldn’t have lost any of your men so far. A few of them might be slightly injured, but still alive at this stage for being available in the next mission.

The time has come to approach and rescue Sir Bedivere and his party. They will immediately change their teal-coloured uniforms into red once they are free.

Then regroup all your troops in close formation returning them back to the safety of your keep. Choose the same path that you have used for your advance. You may possibly encounter five more Saxon warriors. No problem – eliminate them in this well-tried manner.

As soon as you have reached the campfire in front of your keep this mission will be accomplished – victory!


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