Path of War, Chapter 2, Mission 3

Chapter 2
First Command: Mission 3

by Stratego

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Mission Briefing:
“I remember when Olaf raided our country last, he left only destruction in his wake. This man butchered many families and I am determined that my people will not suffer the same fate. William’s constable has arrived and at last, I will have some men to command.”

Objectives for Victory:

  • No Enemy or Enemy Invasions are left

Losing Conditions:

  • Your Lord Dies

Starting units:lord
Available units:armed peasants, spearmen
Map size:small; map and castle layout carried over from mission 2
Starting Date:continues from mission 2
Starting Stats:gold 400 | honor 200 plus carry over | population carried over | popularity 80
Starting Goods:carried over meat, 10 wood, 15 stone, carried over wool
Buildings added:wooden walls, wooden platform, wooden gatehouse, barracks, armory, rock baskets, poleturner’s workshop, market
Buildings lost:granary
Game Version:1.2


Erect the market (selling cloth), your armoury, and barracks. Get your weapon machinery going and three or four pole turners next to your armoury. You should also extend your wood and wool/cloth production by adding extra woodcutters, sheep farms and weavers. Sell all your cloth little by little to get gold and recruit many spearmen one after the other.

As soon as you hear the message about roaming bears near the monastery, place four hunters up on this northern plateau. The hunters will automatically attack those “straggly beasts” from the distance not being harmed or injured. The main advantage in this case: In the long term, there’s additional meat for your granary! Don’t order your spearmen to eliminate the bears, because they aren’t strong enough and too many of them would die. It’s better to gather your spearmen close to the quarries, since Olaf’s Berserkers will attack from the eastern valley (see the red arrow on the picture above).

It’s advisable to erect a thick wooden wall (without any gatehouse!) in three or four rows by blocking off this “bottleneck” between the river and your stone industry. Stone baskets and approx. 30 or 40 spearmen up on the palisades will wear the aggressors down. If the bears are dead you’ll receive reinforcements (six warrior monks) coming down from the monastery and that’s the moment of the first assault. However, I didn’t use them for defence at the wall, but as sentries or “hidden reserves” next to the bridge, if the Barbarians should break through. The enemy will attack twice, but victory will be yours…!

This last picture shows how I arranged my economy/my settlement. Finally, I counted 5 hovels, 6 sheep farms, 6 weavers, 6 sawpits, 9 hunters’ posts.


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