Path of War, Chapter 2, Mission 2

Chapter 2
First Command: Mission 2

by Stratego

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Mission Briefing:
“A message came from Sir William. He is negotiating with Flemish traders for a company of archers. The people of Flanders suffer a notoriously harsh winter and find themselves in need of cloth, which I am to provide. Sir William has requested that I start cloth production immediately.”

Objectives for Victory:

  • Acquire 15 Cloth

Losing Conditions:

  • Your Lord Dies

Starting units:lord
Available units:none
Map size:small; map and castle layout carried over from mission 1
Starting Date:continues from mission 1
Starting Stats:gold 400 | honor 0 | population carried over | popularity 80
Starting Goods:carried over apples, 20 wood, 10 stone
Buildings added:hunter’s post, sheep farm, weaver’s workshop
Game Version:1.2


In this mission, you have to produce 15 cloth. Thanks to the monks, you’ll get sheep farms to fulfil this task.

However, for a stable food supply you should start with four or five hunters’ posts on the northwestern meadow teeming with rabbits.

Then you can start cloth production by erecting at least four sheep farms and three weavers close to the stockpile (shortening transportation and saving time!).

Besides, I usually place a second stockpile giving me more free capacity for all required goods and for more flexibility if it would be necessary to react to different economic changes. Don’t economize on sheep farms and weavers, because you’ll earn your money in the following mission 3 through the sale of cloth and there isn’t any treasury available in this early stage!


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