Path of War, Chapter 2, Mission 1

Chapter 2
First Command: Mission 1

by Stratego

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Mission Briefing:
“Three weeks ago, I was sir William’s Page and yet now there are so few left that the royal champion can trust that I find myself here, in command of my own estate.”

Objectives for Victory:

  • Rebuild the Ruined Bridge

Losing Conditions:

  • Your Lord Dies

Starting units:lord
Available units:none
Map size:small
Starting Date:January 1066
Starting Stats:gold 400 | honor 0 | population 0/8 | popularity 80
Starting Goods:80 apples, 20 wood
Buildings added:hovel, granary, stockpile, saw pit, stone quarry, ox tether
Game Version:1.2


Chapter 2 consists of three missions, where the player makes his first easier steps economically. He will also face small attacks by Barbarian reconnaissance patrols.

At first place your stockpile and the granary (filled with 80 apples – enough food to manage this mission). You will need wood and stones to accomplish the demanded task “Rebuild the ruined bridge”.

So use the initial wood in your stockpile to build four or five sawpits (close to the trees). As soon as the first wooden planks are unloaded, you are absolutely free to erect one or two quarries and two or four ox tethers (maybe for a faster stone supply, but that’s not urgent). If peasants are needed, add one more hovel and keep an eye on your granary (food consumption!).

Now watch the monks carrying building material out of your stockpile and repairing the damaged bridge across the river. On this picture above, you can see the wooden scaffolding on the uncompleted bridge. It’s just a question of time until the bridge will be repaired. As soon as a group of monks has finished crossing the bridge victory will be yours!


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