Path of War, Chapter 12

mini map

Chapter 12 
To capture a King 

by Stratego

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Mission Briefing:

“My destiny is at hand. The only acceptable outcome from today’s fight is my coronation. I must reach the king before the others if the crown is to be mine.”

Objectives for Victory:

  • Kill the King

Losing Conditions:

  • Other Lords kill the King

Starting units:17 archers, 18 crossbowmen, 14 swordsmen, 10 macemen, 2 knights, 8 burning carts, 8 catapults, and your Lord
Map size:small
Starting Date:December 1220
Game Version:1.3.1


In this ultimate Chapter #12 you have to deal with two rivals (the Hawk and the Hammer) competing with you for the King’s crown. I admit it’s a bit tricky, and you may fail in your first attempt, but practice makes perfect as everybody knows…so don’t get frustrated.

This siege scenario is one of the shortest missions within the Path of War Campaign. As demanded in the mission’s briefing, it’s your task to get your men to the King first or at least be the ones to finish him off.

The important thing here is to proceed in a well-timed manner and to think methodically without losing sight of the actual objective.

The starting situation

Three defence lines of gates and walls are blocking the direct access up to the keep. Beyond the castle, you are facing two other competitors who have already deployed their siege camps in preparation for the final assault.

Don’t waste your time, hurry up! You have to keep pace with your competitors!

Now let’s get going! At first, move all your eight catapults forward to the mouth of the bridge immediately opening fire at the left hoarded round tower and the wall section underneath. Tear this wall brick by brick down to the ground simultaneously bursting away those archers on the walls until a gap is open.

Then advance the catapults on to the end of the bridge still holding back the rest of your army. Now have the catapults target the rolling logs, the right tower, and the wall segment left to the outer gatehouse. Don’t take care of the rolling logs right to the gate; they won’t harm you at all.

After successfully breaching the wall and destroying the tower, send your troops apart from the Lord up to the outer bailey (see the red cross on the picture below).

In the meantime, the battle is in full swing, and the Hawk’s men will have conquered the exterior walls. Don’t advance too close to the combatant troops as they will set off traps and walk through pitch fire. In case you’re under fire by enemy’s archers, quickly eliminate them with your archers or crossbowmen.

Continuously keep an eye on the struggling parties; however stay close to the front of the assault. It goes without saying that you should regularly save the game. This helps a lot if you want to replay in a different way or to restart from a certain game stage in case you failed at the end.

As the Hawk’s and the Hammer’s troops charge on keep watchful and carefully follow up in a save distance not being tempted to go into action. As soon as the third large gate falls, the time has come to storm the keep. At best, activate all your macemen and the two mounted knights because they’re the fastest units to rush into the “heart” of the King’s castle by clicking several times on the King.

You can additionally send in your swordsmen. They’re slowly marching on, and many of them may die; nevertheless a few should make it up to the top of the keep’s roof.

If you’re engaged in diverting struggles (especially against those guards around the campfire) repeat clicking on the King, and your men will stop fighting and continue heading for the top of the keep.

Be quick because the Hawk and the Hammer are right behind you! Anyway, it may happen that you won’t get the crown although some of your men have reached the King. It’s a matter of precise timing, who will give the King the death blow.

Congratulations on your victory! You have won the crown!


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