Path of War, Chapter 11, Mission 1

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Chapter 11 
Treachery:Mission 1 

by Sir Hugh

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Mission Briefing:

“I feel sorry for William, but I have chosen my path and I will see it through. Before I approach William’s castle however, I must first establish a foothold in his lands.”

Objectives for Victory:

  • Capture Estate: Upwey

Losing Conditions:

  • Your Lord Dies

Starting units:14 archers, 18 pikemen, 8 swordsmen, lord
Available units:all barracks troops, engineers, laddermen, all siege equipment, all mercenaries except pictish boat warriors
Map size:large
Starting Date:September 1202
Starting Stats:gold 1500 | honor 0 | population 24/24 | popularity 60
Starting Goods:25 apples, 25 bread, 25 cheese, 25 meat, 100 wood, 40 stone
Buildings:all available
Buy/Sell:all goods and weapons
Game Version:1.3.1


Mission Overview

Your objective for this mission is to take the Upwey Estate which is on an island in the river. It is heavily guarded, so a quick assault is unfavorable. Your opponent, Sir William, has the upper hand with an economy already established and several estates under his control that fund his relentless attacks on your castle. The hardest part about this chapter is actually thriving and surviving during the first 20 minutes.

Starting Out

Pause the game and look at what you have. You have a rectangular castle with two towers and a granary located outside the caste walls; hardly useful or efficient.

The game can be won using the initial layout, but it is a lot tougher. Delete the south wall, tower, and gatehouse. Delete the wall left of the keep along with its gatehouse as well. With the stone you have, build a single-square wall on down from the barracks to the edge of the cliff. Build another single-square wall from the keep to the river. Now your castle is better organized, and your economy is better protected.

Place a church and buy 20 candles. Buy some more stone and place a Courthouse. Crime will rise soon. There are some unwelcome surprises that come fairly quickly; a drop in moral and a riot due to foot rot. These can cause negative moral that will really dampen your play if you do not prevent it. Do not have the church giving extravagant masses, yet, or your candles won’t hold out.

Place about 10 wood cutter posts by the trees to the south inside your wall. While you are thinking about your economy, delete the two hovels by your stockpiles and place 1 or 2 more stockpiles. You will need this storage space later. Place some more (2-6) hovels in an orderly fashion on the edges of your walled courtyard. Try to keep them close together to make catching thieves easier.

For food, place some hunter posts and add some more dairy farms later. Your peasantry need a reliable food source and the cheese will also help booster your war funds and honor. After more wood comes in, place some more woodcutters to keep bringing in more wood. When the materials become available, place some stocks near the courthouse, guard posts close to your granary and hovels, and a few gong farmers and falconers.

As you wait for excess food and more wood, place your troops on your walls. Before you spend too much, buy 25 bows and recruit some archers. Send 5 to your only tower and disperse the rest along your barracks wall. Buy a mangonel and place it in the tower, but don’ t have it start firing until after William has taken care of the thief camp near your castle, and after he does, have if fire in that area. It will cause damage to incoming enemy units as well as Sir William’s siege camps. Place a wooden wall and gatehouse at the nearest bridge to prevent access to the land beyond the river close to your estate. If you don’t this is where he will set his siege camps and an attack on your keep wall is more likely. Have all your spearmen at equal intervals along the top of your stone wall to push off any ladders.

While you have been doing this, your candle supply has been running thin and you may have to buy some more to replinish your stocks. Place enough candle makers and beehives to produce all the candles you need for extravagant church services. Now you can raise taxes. Place some more castle buildings while the resources come in: dairy farms, hunter’s posts, more hovels, you may even wish to place some fletcher workshops.

I recommend you place a full length wooden wall one space away from your current stone wall as a barrier to protect your stone wall from Sir William’s catapults and to prevent easy access for laddermen. It will become the target of his swordsmen as well. A second wall running perpendicularly to your wall will also keep the enemy in a better line of fire, so you can concentrate your troops on that particular side of the wall. It is very important to keep Sir William’s ladders off of your wall and his catapults destroyed, because this early in the game, one hole in your defenses allows his numerous swordsmen a clear path to their primary target.

Overall, keep developing your economy and food production, repair your walls, and hire more archers to deal with the increasing size of Sir William’s invasions which eventually level off. Place some more happiness things like a Jousting Field and a Traveling Fair. Buy some more stone and place a bedchamber.

While you wait for your stone stocks to increase, place an engineer’s guild and start recruiting about 20 ballistae. Recruit about 20 archers or similar missile units and about 25-30 melee units. Use these units to destroy the bandit camp to the North and capture the Wintertop Estate which you should improve. It has some iron ore deposits that could be really useful in weapons and armor production.

Eventually, buy some stone and build a stone gatehouse in the north keep wall. Place some stonemasons and some ox tethers in the small batch of stone in the NE of your estate.

From now on, you possess a relatively stable position against Sir William and most deviations from the walkthrough won’t end with your lord dead.

Keep recruiting more ballistae, archers and melee units for taking the island, reinforcing your position, and the final siege (Mission 2).

Soon, you should have enough stone to build towers. A good strategy is to build towers on your walls and to adjust the wooden wall to prevent a linkage between it and your stone wall. Eventually, place some outpost towers close to the edge of your castle estate with a small gatehouse and stone wall to prevent enemy access to the tower. Man them with a large amount of archers.

Decommission the mangonels in your old defense towers and replace them with ballista. You may want to place some of the already recruited ballistae along your wooden wall, but they are actually being recruiting for the brute force of the offense.

Sieging the Island

Keep selling cheese and candles to recruit more units. When you have excess troops numbering about 50 archers and 50 ballistae, you are ready to take the island. Your force’s size and strength means it can eliminate the island’s soldiers and one of Sir William’s invasions that will likely occur sometime between the start of deployment and taking the island. With any extra troops you may have, you can capture the two estates as you move towards the island.

Move your ballistae and archers within the range of the island’s forces and start bombarding them during this time, Sir William will be trickling reinforcements to his island. Once the enemy forces are eliminated, send in some units to take the estate. Once your men are near the flag, you win the estate and this mission!

Sir Hugh

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