Path of War, Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The Search for the King

by Stratego

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Objectives for Victory:

  • Fight through the guards and reach the boat

Losing Conditions:

  • Your Lord Dies
  • Sir William Dies

Starting units:lord, Sir William
Available units:none
Map size:large
Starting Date:June 1096
Starting Stats:gold 0 | honor 0 | population 0/0 | popularity 80
Starting Goods:none
Game Version:1.2


Move your two horsemen to the northern beach where you can see a little boat riding at anchor there. Stop your men in front of the wooden gatehouse. Don’t try to reach the boat before the hostile guards’ arrival; they’ll always be faster than you! However, that’s no problem at all and you will easily get this situation under control. You’ll meet “lazy” spearmen who aren’t very motivated, so you can play “cat and mouse” with them.

In case of doubt send one of your horsemen (as you can see on the screenshot) forward and back again. Then two or three spearmen will pursue your decoy. Eliminate them and repeat this procedure until all guards will be dead…

…now the boat is ready to sail…victory!


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