List of Path of Peace Missions

Unlike the Path of War, the Path of Peace missions do not show up as a list in the game. For that reason, we thought it would be helpful to provide a list of all of the Path of Peace missions and their objectives.

Mission 1: The Warning Beacon
Build beacon
Acquire 30 apples

Mission 2: Feast for Honor
Acquire 50 honor
Acquire 10 pigs
Acquire 10 vegetables

Mission 3: Harbury Keep
Rebuild ruined keep (with the monks)

Mission 4: Wolf Hunt
Recruit 20 archers
No wolves left on map

Mission 5: Aid for Sir William
Have to keep Sir William’s people fed for 24 months without letting the granaries empty

Mission 6: Rats and Gong
No gong in your estates
No rats in your estates

Mission 7: Outlaw Camp
Destroy the outlaw camp

Mission 8: Sir William’s Honor
Acquire 300 honor

Mission 9: Sword Production
Acquire 100 swords before Edwin does

Mission 10: Defend Sir Grey
Defeat Edwin and protect Sir Grey

Mission 11: Edwin’s Estate
Attain population of 80
Acquire 100 honor

Mission 12: A Kingly Feast
Acquire 400 honor
Acquire 70 eels
Acquire 70 geese
Acquire 70 pigs
Acquire 70 vegetables
Acquire 70 wine