Path of Peace, Chapter 8 – Sir William’s Honour

by Stratego

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The King is soon to choose a royal champion from the Knights who are born of noble blood. Although you cannot apply for the post yourself, I see no reason why we could not help Sir William gain this honor.


  • WIN – Acquire 300 honour
  • LOSE – Your Lord dies; Time until defeat – 72 months

Map size: large
Starting date: continues from end of chapter 7
Starting stats: 10020 gold, 10 honour, 16/48 population, 100 popularity
Starting goods: 53 apples, 1044 wood, 10 stones, 65 halberds
Buildings added: fair, Lady’s bedchamber, dairy farm, eel pond, vineyard, vintner’s workshop, sheep farm, weaver’s workshop
Buildings lost: none
Buy/sell: wood, stone, bows, spears, cloth, hops, ale, pitch, apples, meat, wheat, flour
Starting units: none
Available units: no need of military units

Once again, it is Sir William asking a special favour of you: Kindly help him to get those demanded 300 honour points that he would necessarily need to please the King. You should fulfil this task within 72 months, and there are multiple ways to manage the mission successfully.

The principal share of honour you may acquire by hosting feasts or/and dances. Temporarily you will be the owner of Sir William’s Castle. Now, let’s get going!

In this chapter, you don’t need any kind of military protection, neither any type of weapons nor soldiers. Therefore, you can tear down the following buildings without hesitation: barracks, armoury, and the poleturner’s workshop. Thus, you will regain additional free space for the placement of some more important buildings or workshops. Alternatively, you can also pull down (completely!) the entire wall system, the gatehouse, and the small lookout tower as well, but it’s not imperative!

At first, place the market nearby the stockpile and provisionally purchase about 30 barrels of ale, 20 cloth and 25 stones. Be aware of your immense starting gold stock (more than 10,000 gold coins!). Such a solid and reassuring bolster should be sufficient, definitely!

Now, erect the Lady’s Bedchamber, a Travelling Fair and 1 inn around your keep as shown in this picture below:

No worries about deleting that lonely apple orchard on the left side behind the keep. In the course of time, your inn may be more useful than supposed to be relating to popularity and to your subjects’ cheerfulness. Click on your inn pulling the slider forward to “normal” consumption that will cause continuously increasing popularity (+4 points per month). Every time, when fairgrounds are held for 6 months you’ll receive +5 popularity per month. The only disadvantage in that case, some peasants will temporarily leave their jobs and go watching the clowns, artists, and jugglers on stage. So they won’t produce anything during the fair.

Immediately take care of a varied and stable food supply. Do you remember Slaughterford? That’s your starting estate (mission 1) specialized in cultivating apples. Activate one carter post there, and start continuously delivering 50 apples to Sir William’s castle to guarantee a permanent supply of fruit.

Moreover, place 6 hunter’s posts spread out evenly on Sir William’s estate, 7 dairy farms, and 3 wheat farms on the green hills and eastern plains outside the castle. Heat up food production by adding one mill, 4 bakeries and 4-5 apple orchards wherever they will fit in.

Now, it’s high time to set up the Lord’s Kitchen. That is where all those five delicious dishes are prepared to satisfy your Lord and his noble guests. Pages will then serve various dinners with eels, roast goose, roast pork, vegetables, and wine for a perfect feast. The more food types available and the more guests you have the higher the honour bonus you receive from the feast. From time to time, click on the kitchen; check the number of guests, and honour that you can expect from the forthcoming feast.

I advise you to place two eel ponds, two gardener’s huts, two pig farms, two vineyards, and 2-3 vintner’s workshops. I have no reservation about doing without hops farms, breweries, sheep farms, and weavers as well, because you can buy ale or cloth if required. Instead of doing so, you should erect 3-4 gong pits and 4 falconer’s posts in and outside the courtyard in order to clear the estate of filth and rats.

It’s quite evident to build up a few hovels depending on your growing population. By the way, food production will be stabilizing in the course of time, so that you’ll be able to adjust and raise its consumption. Accordingly, I recommend placing three chandler’s workshops, and 5-6 bee hives on the edge of the forest in an early stage. This will bring an appropriate supply of candles that a priest will use in his church when having regular masses. Keep in mind that you will receive 150 honour points if your Lord (set for civilian duties) attends a mass. I personally built up a church on that former area where I had deleted armoury and barracks right in the beginning. The stones for the church I got delivered by a second carter post near the quarries in Slaughterford.

Here is a survey of all maximum honour points that you generally can get:

1. Feasting: (examples)
4 x (6 guests) x 5 food types = 120 points
4 x (9 guests) x 5 food types = 180 points

2. Dancing:
A page from the Lord’s Kitchen will shoulder bales of cloth one after another in the stockpile and carry them to the Lady’s Bedchamber. The Lady herself is busy sewing dresses for a dance (4 dresses = 1 dance) and you will finally receive 200 honour points!

3. Church:
The Lord’s attendance at the church during a mass may cause 150 honour points.

Now let’s lean back and wait for victory…you’ve done your best!
Along with the resulting honour points from the granary (4 food types) you shouldn’t have any serious problems to finish this chapter in time.

Honour is due to you!


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