Path of Peace, Chapter 6 – Rats & Gong

by Stratego

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The marshy estate east of here has been left alone by the other lords, as there is little in the way of productive land there, but there is an abundance of disease-ridden rodents. This is your next task.


  • WIN – No rats or gong in any of your estates
  • LOSE – Your Lord dies; Time until defeat: 24 months

Map size: large
Starting date: continues from end of chapter 5
Starting stats: continues from end of chapter 5
Starting goods: all the goods from the end of mission 5, except no food and no wood
Buildings added: falconer’s post
Buildings lost: none
Buy/sell: wood, stone, bows, spears, cloth, hops, ale, pitch, apples, meat
Starting units: continues from previous mission
Available units: archers, spearmen, armed peasants

In chapter 6 of the Path of Peace campaign, it’s a question of getting rats and foul-smelling filth under control within a period of 24 months. Boorswell, your south-eastern neighbouring estate, has associated with you, but that’s where the evil begins.

In that marshy territory of barren soil, there are hardly fertile areas for agriculture and those few poor inhabitants are trying to earn their living out of the sale of pitch.

The rats, these ugly beasts, feel at home there spreading disease and death. The following picture shows several groups of roaming rats marked by green arrows above their heads.

Now, that’s your first concern to stabilize the situation in Boorswell, and it’s a race against time (just 24 months!). For that reason, immediately pause the game right in the beginning of the mission to coordinate your first essential steps: It must be your priority goal to raise popularity in your new partner estate.

To achieve this, purchase 200 wood, 50 apples and 50 meat (your granary is still empty at the beginning!). Doing so, you can quickly compensate your initial deficits in this first stage, and you should have sufficient gold coming from the previous mission. Then, resume the game and start activating two carter posts, both in Slaughterford and in your own main estate continuously sending 50 apples and 50 meat each to Boorswell’s granary which you have to rebuild, of course.

Slaughterford’s food provisions are immense; there is sufficient food supply to take care of two estates at the same time. These activities will cause a rising stable popularity.

Additionally erect another hovel in Boorswell and place two or three hunter’s posts and one or two apple farms to improve constant food supply there. Don’t forget to place three gong pits and 4 falconer’s posts as well, locating them evenly.

Besides, Boorswell will need military protection because of never ending attacks by the outlaws. Send out a delegation of about 20 archers and 20 spearmen or armed peasants as early as possible.

ATTENTION: Avoid moving your soldiers through the dangerous yellow poisonous clouds of gong! Your men will be getting sick or will even die if they stay too close to the filthy places.

Don’t neglect your own estate, and after stabilizing the situation in Boorswell, you should clean up your home too. Establish order and put up at least four gong pits and four falconer’s posts until you have wiped out rats and gong in both estates. Once again, try to distribute them equally. That would help to rip all the evil in the bud very efficiently. Victory will be yours!

By the way, Boorswell’s pitch industry may be profitable for you; your partner is able to deliver pitch to you, good for sale.


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