Path of Peace, Chapter 3

by Merepatra

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Now you are a knight, I am giving you a second estate to control. You will find a ruined castle there. I wish you to restore it to its former glory and move in as soon as you can.


  • WIN – Rebuild Ruined Keep
  • LOSE – Your Lord Dies
  • TIME UNTIL DEFEAT – 68 months

Map size:  Large
Starting Date:  Continues on from end of Chapter 2
Starting Stats:  Gold 0, Honour 0, Population carried over, Popularity 100
Starting Goods:  Carried over from Chapter 2
Buildings added:  Stone quarry, Ox tether, Carter Post, Well
Buildings lost:  None
Buy/Sell:  No Market
Starting units:  Lord
Available units:  None

In this mission you are given a second estate, Harbury, which contains a ruined keep that you need to rebuild. This will require 80 stone that you must produce in your main estate and then send to Harbury.

Estates – Your original estate remains your main estate, that is the estate with your displayed popularity, peasant numbers etc. Secondary estates are mainly self sufficient, they have their own workers, granary, stockpile etc. You can place buildings in them, which requires you to use wood from your main estate, but the workers must come from the secondary estate and what they produce will be delivered to their own estates stockpile etc. They can only work on their own estate, for instance if you build ox tethers on one estate they can not pick up stone from a quarry in a neighbouring estate. You can move goods between estates using Carters posts which can take goods from stockpiles, granaries, Lord’s kitchens or armouries and deliver to the same building in another estate. You cannot directly see what is in a secondary estates stockpile/armoury etc but you can see it by clicking on the Carters post and then checking the relevant icon in its panel. You can find out an estates popularity by clicking on the flag for that estate. Sometimes you may need to give them a hand keeping up their popularity, for example by sending some food, though you won’t need to do that in this mission. You automatically get 10 gold per month from each secondary estate.

I started this mission by placing two hovels to give extra workers and then I built two stone quarries on the stone near the border with Harbury and four ox tethers near there. I then started placing wells throughout my estate, two near the stone quarries, two outside the castle gates near the saw pits and hunter’s posts and a couple more inside the estate before I ran out of wood. As soon as I had some more wood I built another hovel and then a few more wells spread around inside the walls. Fires would regularly break out throughout this mission but with that number of wells all of them were put out fairly quickly with no major damage.

I then built a carters post to transport the stone from the original estate to Harbury. Since carters post have the ability to “magically” get goods from buildings without travelling to them I build the carters post close to the border of Harbury so the transportation time would be less. Do make sure it is within your original estates borders though as carters posts can only pick up from buildings within their own estate. As soon as 20 stone was in my stockpile I set my carters post to continuously deliver 20 stone to Harbury. Once the stone is in the Harbury stockpile the monks automatically start taking it to rebuild the keep. The keep was soon finished, well before the time limit was up. Just before the Victory message a major fire breaks out which destroys most of the buildings in the original estate. This is a scripted event so you can’t do anything to prevent it.

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