Path of Peace, Chapter 2

by Merepatra

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The season of knighting is fast approaching. I would like to knight you but first you must learn to live like a Lord. Tom Simpkins will teach you all that you need to know.


  • WIN – Acquire 50 Honour
  • WIN – Acquire 10 Pigs and 10 Vegetables
  • LOSE – Your Lord Dies

Map size:  Large
Starting Date:  Continues from Chapter 1 finish date
Starting Stats:  Gold 0, Honour 0, Population carries over from Chapter 1, Popularity 100
Starting Goods:  Carried over from Chapter 1
Buildings added:  Lord’s Kitchen, Hunter’s Post, Vegetable Garden, Pig Farm
Buildings lost:  None
Buy/Sell:  No Market
Starting units:  Lord
Available units:  None

This Chapter continues on in the same estate as Chapter 1. Place an extra hovel and then build a few hunter’s posts, I built them just outside the gate which gave them easy access to the herd of deer there while not being too far from the granary, but be careful not to block the path into the castle. The hunters will take the meat they catch to the granary, giving your peasants two types of food, apples and meat. This will give you an honour bonus of 1 per month, if you have enough food to give them double rations it will increase to 2 per month.

You now should place a vegetable farm and a pig farm, I suggest behind the keep where there is plenty of space for the buildings you will need. Next build the Lord’s Kitchen near the vegetable and pig farm using the stone that has been in your stockpile since the beginning of Chapter 1.

You will now need to place another hovel to get more peasants and When you have enough wood place a second pig farm and second vegetable farm. I also placed two more hunters posts which gave me plenty of meat for the extra peasants and to have double rations. Your pig and vegetable farms will deliver their food to the Lord’s kitchen. When there is some food there a feast will be automatically prepared and held, my first feast had only pigs and gave me 18 honour points.

Once the feast had been held my pigs and vegetables started to accumulate and I soon had met the goal of 10 of each, but had not quite met the honour goal. Another feast was then prepared using both pigs and vegetables which would have given 34 honour points but before it was actually held all the goals were met and I won.

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