Path of Peace, Chapter 12 – A Kingly Feast

by Stratego

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“I wish to hold a grand feast and jousting tournament to commemorate our fallen war heroes of ages past. In recompense for all your hard work, I have decided that your castle will be the location. Lords and Ladies from throughout the kingdom will attend so only the very best will do. I am sure you will do your country proud.”


  • WIN – Acquire 500 Honour, 70 Eels, 70 Geese, 70 Pigs, 70 Vegetables, and 70 Barrels of Wine
  • LOSE – Your Lord Dies
  • TIME UNTIL DEFEAT – 60 months

Map size: large
Starting date: continues from end of chapter 11
Starting stats: gold from mission 10 | honour 10 | population 80/80 | popularity 80
Starting goods: Varying amounts of food/goods/weapons from the end of mission 10
Buildings added: musicians guild, monastery, jousting arena, engineer’s guild, mercenary post, stables, brazier, oil smelter, war hounds, man trap, killing pit, pitch ditch, moat, rolling logs, triple wall, great tower, round tower, hoarded round tower, square tower, hoarded square tower, sally port
Buildings lost: none
Buy/sell: apples, bread, cheese, meat, wheat, flour, hops, wood, stone, iron, pitch, wool, all weapons
Starting units: all troops from the end of the mission 10
Available units: armed peasants, archers, spearmen, swordsmen

After leaving behind that strenuous chapter #11, it would have been desirable to get through an easier finale than it actually turned out to be. Nevertheless, this time you will thoroughly be tested concerning your organizational skill how to manage the production and delivery of royal foodstuff within 60 months as efficiently as possible.

Immediately, at the beginning press the “Pause-key” (P) getting a general idea of the status quo in your castle estate. In this chapter there is no need of barracks, armoury, blacksmiths, fletchers, and different military workshops or any similar military equipment. You can confidently delete all these buildings. You can also do without a church and candle makers. Instead of that in this early stage, I placed the jousting arena in order to attain the demanded 500 honour points. All these activities are very important to lay the foundations of a well-functioning royal food production (for the future).

For the present, specialize in maintaining (at least) seven pig farms and four vegetable gardens in your home estate. If you should get any troubles with lack of space, don’t get shy to delete some apple orchards, and to recast them by space-saving hunter’s posts. However, I wouldn’t shut down both ale industry (hops farms and breweries) and ale consumption (inn), because of undisputed negative effects on your popularity. In any case, place the Lord’s kitchen (if you haven’t done it yet).

Click on it, then a specific panel will appear showing green ticks below each food symbol. Now, completely deactivate the consumption of all royal food types by clicking on each, and you will see a red cross on each one.

Set food rations to “double” and taxation to “normal”. As for myself, I had a large amount of approximately 50,000 gold coins, and this should last any time!

To successfully master this chapter, support of the three most effective village estates is of the essence: I point out Slaughterford, Boorswell and Whitle. Initially, all three partners should provide you with extra food, as an additional supplement to your own food supply. Have them send apples (Slaughterford), meat (Boorswell) and bread (Whitle). Make sure there are at least three or more carter posts in every estate. Take care that they are placed close to the estate border in shortest distance to your castle estate, and one of them ought to be reserved for “regular” food delivery to your stockpile. In case of any shortfall, you should buy diverse amounts of food, not to provoke any famine or starving.

Sell all excess unnecessary goods and weapons except for wood and stone. These sales activities are welcome to temporarily purchase ale, cheese, meat, or wood if needed. Yes, wood is in short supply, but due to your “luxurious” gold reserves, you may not get into trouble by compensating any deficits.

The pigs goal should be completed the quickest in your castle estate. After that replace the pig farms by eel ponds or vegetable farms wherever you can to avoid any shortfall.


Slaughterford might be your most reliable partner for wine production. At first, delete nearly all apple farms, except for two or three, which you can leave out. Now place at least six vineyards and four or five vintner’s shops. In case you should notice that your winegrowers don’t carry the grape harvest into the stockpile, the simple reason is that the stockroom’s capacity probably might be jam-packed. Don’t be shy to delete the stockpile, it will be automatically reset by the AI, being empty and receptive for fresh goods. Don’t forget setting up a lord’s kitchen as well to enable to stock up the wine casks there.

In Slaughterford you should bring three carter posts to action:
The first one is continuously delivering apples, the second and third should be reserved for wine transport. You will soon notice how fast these 70 wine casks will be stacked up. Therefore, you can change the production over to eel and geese as soon as the wine goal will be finished. During the final months, you’ll be very happy about any eel or geese supply no matter where it comes from.


Boorswell however, almost inhospitable and covered up with swamps and forests, is offering suitable areas to set up 9-10 eel ponds along the road and/or near to the coast. Erect another lord’s kitchen and two carter posts (delivering eel and geese each) close to the bridge that is leading to your castle estate.

Important note:
Keep the inhabitants of Boorswell feeling happy, so add two hovels and five to six hunters there to guarantee stable food provisions. In all probability, you will be able to transport both eel and geese each in small packages at a time. Just be patient, it will work out all right!


In Whitle you will find excellent conditions to set up 20 eel ponds! To begin with, ensure that there’s enough manpower. You’ll need seven hovels (at least), so start up filling the former outlaws’ camp area with eel ponds by efficiently using each gap there. Besides, three or four vegetable farms will provide your urgently needed vegetable supply. Another extra carter post will be doing this job, of course.

Look at this picture above; isn’t it a kind of mass production? Yes, it is. For a maximum exploitation of space, the eel ponds should be set up as closely packed as possible. Maybe no wood available for that project? Keep cool…in your treasury, you will find mountains of gold to finance the purchase of wood.

On this image above, you can make out five carter posts in Whitle next to the kitchen; three of them are being reserved for the delivery of eels/geese, another one will provide you with vegetables, and the fifth one is continuously sending bread to your granary.
Generally, the kitchen and carter posts don’t have to be combined directly, because carters don’t care where their goods are stored, they are just focused on their delivery destination. For once, I placed the kitchen far away from the food production sites, with the intention to prove that it’s even winnable despite the longer delivery route. Usually, I advise you to apply a more central position next to the food industries for faster storage, of course.

Similar to Boorswell, you should arrange eel and geese transportation by two carter posts. Have them permanently sending every available amount of goods (5, 10, or 20) over to your home estate. It is obvious that you must erect a lord’s kitchen as well.

The Honour Thing

No worries about the achievement of 500 honour points within 60 months (= five game years). Well, holding a jousting will gain you honour. After placing a jousting arena, it will take six months to be slowly assembled. Then the tournament starts and lasts for six months, each month giving you 20 honour points as well as 5 popularity points. At the end of six months, the stands are taken down and then slowly rebuilt again over the next six months. So each year you’ll receive periodically a maximum of 120 honour points.

Thus, you will make it after four years (4 x 120 = 480). The rest of 20 honour points you will easily get through multiple food types in the granary. One honour per month for every food type over one in your granary that is checked as being available for use. This means, feeding four food types will give +3 per month. If you feed double rations then you get an extra bonus of double honour points, so that you will get +2 honour per month for 2 food types, +4 for 3, and +6 for 4 types.

Congrats, on a victorious march through the Path of Peace Campaign!


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