Path of Peace, Chapter 1

by Merepatra

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Mission Briefing:

Your first task will be to build a warning beacon to help prevent any further shipwrecks. I am assigning Tom Simpkins to you, my trusted scribe. He will help you on your way.


  • WIN – Build Beacon
  • WIN – Acquire 30 Apples
  • LOSE – Your Lord Dies

Map size:  Large
Starting Date:  August 1030
Starting Stats:  Gold 0, Honour 0, Population 8, Popularity 79
Starting Goods:  20 wood, 10 stone, 10 apples
Buildings added:  hovel, granary, apple farm, stockpile, saw pit
Buildings lost:  None
Buy/Sell:  No market
Starting units:  Lord
Available units:  None

The first thing you will need to do in this mission is to place your granary. Just inside your estate near the gate is a good position and the one that I chose. It allows you to place your apple farms close to the granary which is important, if farms are distant from your granary the farm workers will spend too much time travelling back and forth to the granary and you will get fewer apples delivered.

After you have placed the granary place two apple farms next to the granary and then two saw pits at the edge of the forest outside your walls. You will need the wood to build the beacon and extra apples farms later. Your popularity may drop for a while if your granary runs out of food but once your apple farms start producing apples it should start going slowly back up. When the woodcutters start bringing in more wood place another two apple farms and two extra saw pits, all your peasants should now have jobs. You could now place another hovel to get more peasants but its probably not a good idea as you really don’t need any more workers and extra peasants would just eat more of your apples.

When there is wood available the monks automatically take it from the stockpile and build the beacon which will be completed fairly quickly once they have a steady supply of wood. Your granary should also around now have the 30 apples needed and you will win the mission.

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