Scripted Events 101

by Lord Tanthos

Welcome, map makers all. This simple article will teach you the basics of every event found in Stronghold: Legends. After a full day of testing events under controlled conditions, I finally have compiled a full listing and description of each event in the game. We will begin with military events and then proceed to the economic or “random” events. The object of this tutorial is to display the effects of the following events, and not to draw uses from them. Using these events effectively will be left to the reader.

First we will begin with the military events. These are all of the events that have effects on the player’s army, lord, and objectives. A few of these include the win/lose event, the invasion event, and the minimap marker event.

LoseFairly self-explanatory. If this event ever happens, then the player automatically loses the game.
WinAlso easy to understand. If this event ever happens, then the player automatically wins the game.
InvasionAllows the map maker to script a force of enemy, allied, or the player’s troops to appear at a point on the map and carry out a set or random series of actions. (It is better for me to save this event for an entire article, as it deserves such.)
Play MessageAllows a custom or preexisting message to be played in the game. A complex event that also should require an article of its own.
AI RetreatSends ALL of the set player’s troops to a specified spot on the map. They can be set to stay at that spot or to leave the map upon arrival.
Remove BlockagesErases ALL ice blockage obstacles from the map.
Stop Lord CreationPrevents lords from spawning at keeps (must be scripted on +0 months to work). This event does not prevent lords from spawning from invasion forces.
Character is LordAllows you to set a hero or other specified unit on the map as the player’s lord. It will always choose the first placed unit and automatically triggers “Stop Lord Creation” for the player. This can be used to stop lord creation for just the player and not the AI if the specified unit is not placed!
Character is AI LordThis is the same as “Character is Lord,” except that it is applied to any AI players. This can, like “Character is Lord” to prevent lords from spawning at AI keeps only.
Mini-map MarkerCauses a flashing green or red spot on the mini-map directly over the specified marker flag.
Remove Mini-map MarkerStops the flashing effect (does not remove the flag) of a currently flashing marker.
Clear Mini-map MarkersStops the flashing effect of all currently flashing markers.
Kill All Lord’s TroopsRemoves all of a set player’s troops from the map.
Stop Repeating InvasionsPrevents any invasions currently set to “repeat” from occurring. This does not affect ones that have not come into play yet.

And finally, we have the economic or “random” events. These events effect the player, for the most part, in an economic fashion. When triggered they act instantly, and do not have any set-up conditions like many of the military ones do.

EventIn-Game Displayed MessageEffects
Apple BlightApple Blight has struck our orchards my lord, apple supplies are temporality halted.Kills all player’s apple trees.
Bad WeatherBad Weather has ruined the crops, my lord. Our farms will be set back for some time.Kill all player’s wheat, apple trees, hop plants, and grape vines.
New Bathing SystemOur peasants are delighted with the new bathing system you have devised, my liege.+5 popularity for seven months
Bear AttackVillagers have seen bears roaming free, my lord. It is most distressing for them.-5 popularity for five months
Bishop ArrivesA visit from the bishop has brought much honor to our castle, sire.+20 honor
Bumper HarvestThe good weather has led to a bumper harvest, my lord. We can soon expect to see our farmers delivering extra crops.Peasants deliver a small amount of additional wheat, hops, and apples.
Mad Cow DiseaseOur cows suffer terribly, my lord. The madness disease is on them again.Instantly kills all cows not presently inside the dairy farm’s milking shed.
Crime WaveWe seem to be suffering a small crime wave, my liege. Food has been stolen from the granary.Approximately 10-20% of the granary’s food supplies are removed.
DanceA dance is to be held in the keep, my liege, bringing much honor to the castle.+20 honor
Random FireA fire has broken out in the castle, my liege!Five random buildings are set on fire in the player’s castle.
Gold FindLocal farmers have found a cache of gold, my lord. I have added it to the treasury.Adds 400 gold to the player’s treasury.
Hop WeevilHop weevil has decimated the crop, my liege. Hop production is at a standstill.Kills all of the player’s hop plants.
Jester ArrivesA jester has arrived at the castle. He will bring much merriment to our next feast, my lord.+25 honor
Jousting TournamentSire, a local jousting tourney is about to begin. This will bring you much honor.+150 honor
Mercenaries ArriveA band of mercenaries has decided to join our army, my liege.Player receives six crossbowmen, which spawn at the keep and head to the barracks.
Outlaws ReturnSome outlaws from the woods have repented their sins and offer you service, my liege.Ten outlaws spawn at the keep and head to the barracks.
Peasants RevoltSome peasants have revolted, my lord, even now they are causing trouble in our castle.Eight neutral outlaws spawn at the campfire and being attacking the player’s peasants and buildings.
Rabbit InvasionThe rabbit population is out of control, sire. Our crops have been devastated.All apple trees, wheat, grape vines, and hop plants are killed.
Rat PlagueA plague of rats has infested our castle, sire.-5 popularity for seven months.
SmallpoxSmallpox has killed several peasants, your lordship.All peasants at the player’s campfire die.
Swine FeverSwine fever has struck, my lord. Our pig herd has been wiped out.All of the player’s pigs die.
Traveling FairA traveling fair has come to town, my lord.+10 popularity for seven months
Vine WitherOh dear, vine wither has set in, sire. We will be seeing any new deliveries of grapes for a while.All grape vines die.
Wheat RustWheat rust has been found on our wheat crops, sire. The crop is ruined.All wheat fields die.
WitchcraftA black cat has been sighted, sire, and once more our peasants mutter witchcraft. They are deeply troubled.-5 popularity for seven months
Wolf InvasionWolves are abroad in the land, my lord. The peasants are troubled.Five wolves spawn in a random place on the player’s estate and begin attacking the peasantry.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully this knowledge proves useful to everyone,

~ Lord Tanthos