How to Make Ruins and Fire by Yellek

The following instructions are for adding ruins and fire to maps.

1. Build castle

This basic setup includes 2 territories, and 3 attacking units. Ensure territories are so small nothing can be built! (It keeps animation to a minimum.) Make sure red has no territory or estate.

2. Assign yourself one of the small territories

3. Save map and play.

4. Attack buildings

5. Be ready to pause and move units

Attack until almost destroyed! Then pause! Give units move command.

6. Pause and move units

Keep 1 unit behind.

7. Attack until you have ruins

8. Watch meter

9. Pause and move

10. All done attacking

Disband units, save, and exit game. Copy save game to map folder, and rename with a .s2m file extension. Delete save game.

11. Reload and edit map

12. Add fire

Place pitch ditch, 2 fire wagons, and stocks (for a reference point).

13. Save map and play

14. Start fire!

15. Pause and save

16. Save and exit Stronghold 2.

Copy save game to map folder, renaming it with a .s2m file extension. Delete save game.

17. Your map is ready to edit with ruins and fire added.

Have Fun and Enjoy. YELLEK