Free Builds with AI Estates

Stronghold 2 free builds are designed for a single player, but you can create AI estates that will be available for purchase when the game is played.

This first screenshot shows a map painted with 3 colors in addition to the default red. The castle icon’s flag has been placed on the red area, and the estate icon’s flag has been placed on the other 3 areas.

This second image shows the minimap on the main editor page, with the castle and 3 estates. At this point the territory all appears white.

Then click on the estates in the mini-map, and assign industries. Note weapon estates will not build themselves buildings that cost gold to build.

The shield corresponds to the castle, so click on it first, then assign it to the castle by clicking on the castle. The player’s territory will now turn red.

The flag icon belongs to the estates. Click on it then on one of the estates. A screen will pop up asking what type of AI village you want it to become. You can select one of the types, or stick with the default. If you don’t assign a village type to an AI estate, it will go to the default of apple farms.

Be sure to save your map!

This is how the map appears at the very start of game play – the player’s keep, and the 3 AI estates. The AI estates are available for purchase with 100 honor.



Additional edit made by Doomsword.