How to Make a Cave

Cave image 0

Looking for more little details to spice up your latest greatest map creation in Stronghold 2? This easy tutorial will show how to make what looks like a cave opening on your terrain. Caves can be a great place to script wolf and bear invasions. They also add a little interest to iron mine areas or just alone as some oddity of the landscape.

Cave openings are made by exploiting a small graphics glitch that the game can’t compensate for so you end up with a black hole in the map. You can’t enter the cave but it makes for a nice map detail.

First go to the water tools and place a large block of swamp.

Cave image 1

Next, go to the terrain menu and select ‘raise terrain’ and toggle the ‘effects water’ button. Using short quick taps of the mouse button, raise the terrain across half of the swamp. A black void will develop where the swamp tiles get separated. Raise the terrain as much as you can before it turns into a solid cliff face. A little trial and error will let you get a feeling of how far you can push it.

Cave image 2

Now go back to the water tools, select ‘swamp’ and ‘delete’ and using a small brush size, slowly begin deleting the raised swamp tiles, until you have narrowed the opening down to a reasonable size.

Cave image 3

You can eliminate most of the swamp but not directly above or below the opening.

Cave image 4

Place large dark grey stones above the cave and use the ‘lower stones’ option to sink them into the opening, breaking up the square blackness.

Cave image 5

Finally, you go back to the terrain menu and, with the ‘effect water’ button toggled off, raise hills around the cave and garnish with some foliage.

Cave image 6
Cave image 7
Cave image 8
Cave image 9

Write-up and pictures by Doomsword.