Canyon Bridge Tutorial: Advanced Designs

By Doomsword

Preceding Bridge Tutorial

Once you understand the basic bridge design you can add un-even terrain, water and trees under your bridges. All editing under the bridge must be done before the map is saved. Once you navigate away from the editing screen, the area under the floating bridge will become unchangeable.

1. Terrain: Any land features should be added before you bridge the gap with land and then Undo it.

Add land.

Even out the bridge ends.

Bridge the gap with land then Undo.

You need to bridge the entire gap with Man Traps over uneven terrain to make it work. As long as the path is at least one square wide, the bridge will be passable. Add trees and rocks last.

2. Water:

Water is added by using Yellek’s tutorial on Shallow Water. I add the water before the Undo step.

Raise land.

Add river water.

Lower terrain.

Click ground with water selected to lower water.

Bridge gap with land over the water.


Add traps.

In the editor it looks unpassable, but in play it will work.

3. Low Cliffs.

Straight cliffs two or more elevations high are easy to break with Traps. Low cliffs have a wider uncrossable border, somtimes on top, sometimes at the bottom of their cliff edge and will need extra traps to ensure that they function. A few Killing Pits will do the job. The uncrossable (white) cliff border can be seen in the image below. Alternately, you can smooth the cliff edge so it is sloped and passable, then traps are unnecessary.