Bridges Over Canyons

A Bridge Tutorial for Stronghold 2

by Doomsword

Note: This was made with Patch 1.3.1 and may not work accordingly on other patches.

These bridges are based on traps. Unowned Man Traps and Killing pits work best as they will never be triggered. Although pretty easy to construct, a bit of planning is necessary to incorporate these designs into a great map. You cannot change the estate color under any buildings, keep in mind. Using the crop tool obliterates the map so high bridges must be all be placed first, you cannot add them to existing maps. You cannot move or delete Floating Bridges.

1. Choose a Small Map. You need to create a floating bridge using the Crop button. The Crop button automatically give you a small map. You can re-enlarge the map after but the high bridges can only be in the Small corner.

2. Choose a height, lay down a strip of land and build a bridge. Then click the Crop button, move your mouse over the map and you will see part of a red square, then left click and everything on the map will disapear (mostly) except the bridge you just built.

3. Choosing the same height you built the bridge on, make more terrain at the bridge ends.

4. Mark where your bridge is using the darkest Shader. (I often plan maps using this as a pencil to draw in rivers and things.)

5. Hit ALT+G. You don’t have to do steps 4.& 5. but it gets rid of the bridge so you can see what your doing.

6. Open the terrain menu and choose the same height you’ve been using with the middle brush size. Fill in between the bridge ends. Try to do it in one stroke or as few as possible and be neat and straight or units may stray to the sides near the bridges center. (The center of this should really only be two tiles wide, but you need four wide at the ends to put down traps, so for the sake of keeping it simple).

7. Hit the Undo button once, or until this new land bridge goes away.

8. Open up the Buildings menu and place Man Traps or Killing Pits on the very edge of the cliff under your bridge on both ends. The cliff face should appear to turn black.

9. Hit ALT+G again and your done. Good luck!

Next, you can add uneven terrain and rivers under the bridge.

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