Free Builds Using the Default Keep

Facing defeat in the first few seconds of playing your custom-made free build map? In order to make a free build playable, the estate must first be assigned a color. This article shows the easiest way to do it, by using the default castle.

This is the first screen you see after clicking on Map Editor from the main menu and selecting Free Build.

Click Edit to go to the map. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the landscape tool.
  2. Click on the flag.
  3. Click on the castle icon.
  4. Place the flag where you would like the default castle to go on the map.

Return to the main editor screen. Go to the minimap, click on the shield icon, then click on the castle on the map. The default red player’s territory will turn red on the minimap. That’s it – be sure to save your map!

Now when you play your free build, all of the buildings are ready for use, and you won’t get the Defeat message right away.