Move Ship Event

by Deluphusin

At the first glance it’s rather confusing understanding what all the boxes do and how to use the Move Ship event, so here is how it works:

First, place between two and five markers on the map, preferably with water in a straight line between them as they will travel on land (and follow the lands height) if there is any land between the markers.

Then make a new event, choose your preferred trigger and the action Move Ship.

Next use the mousewheel to change to the markers you placed, as in this example, Blue 1, 2 and 3. The ship will now move between them without stopping and then disappear when arriving to Blue 3.

The right boxes containing the zeros is the amount of months the ship will stay at that marker. Use the mousewheel to change it. With this example the ship will stay at Blue 2 for 2 months before moving on to Blue 3 where it will disappear.

Clicking the button “Trade Ship” will change the button to “Viking Ship”, this means a Viking Ship graphic will show in the map instead of a Trade Ship.

Clicking the button “Leave Map” will change the button to “Turn To Wreck”. That will make the ship a wreckage when arriving at the last marker. With Leave Map it will disappear, so the last marker should be at the edge of the map or it will mystically be lost. Placing the first marker away from the edge of the map will make the ship appear to pop up from nowhere.

So in short:

I have tried to make the event repeat but have not found a way to make it so. A warning, many ships in the viewpoint may make the game framerate slow, even two ships in the viewpoint may do so.

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