The Map Editor

Getting Started ~ Tools Used in All Toolbars ~ Castle Building Tools ~ Landscape Tools

Getting Started

The Stronghold 2 editor is more powerful and complex than the editors for the original Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader, and allows for a multitude of trigger events.

When you first click on Map Editor from the main menu, you will be brought to this screen:

The four types of maps are shown at the top: Kingmaker, War Custom, Peace Custom, and Free Build.

The box at the left shows a minimap, estate ownership tools, and the starting date for the scenario.

The right box is for adding and editing missions. One feature of Stronghold 2 is the ability to add several missions to a map, each with their own set of events and win and loss conditions.

To reach the map editor, click on the Edit button at the bottom right. The map editor may be placed into window mode by pressing Tab.

The map editor has castle building tools and landscape tools. The toolbars for each are toggled by selecting either the castle icon or tree icon on the right of the screen.

When the map editor is opened, it defaults to the castle building tools as shown in this screenshot. Some of the buttons on this page are used in both types of toolbars.

Tools Used in All Toolbars

Toggles grid on/off
Sound Placement
Estate Preview
Brush size selector
Minimap navigation

Castle Building Tools

There are seven different toolbars for castle building tools.

  Castle Structures
  Farms and Food
  Castle Services
  Military Units

Landscape Tools

There are seven different toolbars for landscape tools.

  Terrain Height
  Terrain Textures
  Rocks and Resources
  Estate Ownership