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In this section you will find all the history articles we have compiled for Stronghold 2 Heaven plus links to the ones made for Stronghold Heaven. These articles cover general historical information on facets of medieval life, in particular those that have some connection to people/buildings/events in the game, plus articles on castles and countries.

Stronghold 2 Heaven Articles

Medieval History

This section contains various articles with a medieval theme. We should be regularly adding new articles on different aspects of medieval life.

One regular feature is our Castle of the Week series where we offer information, images and often game maps on a new historical castle every other week.

Castle of the Week

This section contains our latest Castle and a list of all the castles that featured in our Castle of the Week in the past both on Stronghold and Stronghold 2 Heaven.

For links to other sites about real life castles, please have a look here.

Stronghold Heaven Articles

History of Castles

In feudalism, the peasants, or serfs, owed their services and money to a Lord in exchange for safety. The Lord also owed service to his lord, theoretically all the way up to the King, although it depended on the strength of the king.


Crusader Castles

by Sulis

General Medieval History

This section contains various articles with a medieval theme.


History of England

This period of English history is the story of 2 dynasties, the Normans and the Angevins (Plantagenets). It is a story of great social and political upheaval, of war, treason and murder.


History of Spain

In the centuries following the birth of Christ Spain was ruled by the Romans. When the Empire fell, Visigoths took over, and they remained in control until 711 AD, when Muslims from North Africa (known as Moors) invaded, setting up a Caliphate (Kingdom).