Multiplayer Game Information

All players in multiplayer games must be using the same patched version of the game, and everyone needs to have a copy of the game.

Getting Started * Game Settings * Communication in MP

Getting Started

After clicking on Multiplayer from the main game menu, you will be brought to the following screen where you can choose either Online or Local Network.


Online Play

Online play is powered by GameSpy, but you don’t have to go to GameSpy’s website or join.

Joining a Game
If other people are getting ready to start a game, there will be a list of games in the center part of the screen. You can click on any of these to join in, unless the game has been locked.

Hosting a Game
If you want to host a game, enter the name of your game in the box at the top, and click on Host. A box will pop up asking if you want to set a password for the game. If you enter a password a small lock icon will appear next to the name of the game in the list.

Local Network

Select Local Network if you wish to play over a LAN. You can choose to join or host a game.

Game Settings

Once you have selected to either join or host a game, you will be brought to this screen where game settings can be changed. Only the host is allowed to select the map or change settings. This is the same screen used in kingmaker maps – not all of the options shown are available for multiplayer games.


Changing Starting Levels

imageFreeman: starts with 100 gold
imageKnight: starts with 500 gold
imageBaron: starts with 1000 gold
imageDuke: starts with 5000 gold

Other Settings

imageUsed in Kingmaker to add AI players to the game. Not applicable to Multiplayer.
imageRandomize starting estates
imageTeam selection
imageKick other players from the game.
imageUsed in Kingmaker to change the balance of starting gold between AI and human players. Not applicable to Multiplayer.
imageOnce you are ready to play, click on the Ready Shield at the bottom right of the screen. Once a green checkmark has appeared next to every player’s name, the host can click on the arrow to begin the game.

Communication in Multiplayer

Lobby chat: At the bottom of the screen is an icon with lightning on it: image. Click on it to open the dialogue box to its left. It might be necessary to place the cursor inside the dialogue box to begin.

In-game chat: Press Enter for the chat box to appear.

Multiplayer taunts: Function keys 1-9 are set for the following taunts:

F1 – Jack o’napes!
F2 – Strawpole!
F3 – Sllubberdegulleon!
F4 – Dastard!
F5 – Dolt!
F6 – Lollard!
F7 – Dotard!
F8 – Poppinjay!
F9 – Nave!

Suggestions or additional information regarding multiplayer gameplay, please email Lady Arcola.