Honour in Stronghold 2

by Merepatra

Gaining Honor

Those things that can increase honour are –


When your Lord holds a feast in the Keep you receive honour. The feast is prepared in the Lord’s kitchen. The more food types available and the more guests you have the higher the honour bonus you receive from the feast. The larger the Keep the greater the number of possible guests. There are 5 possible Royal foods that can be used at feasts, Ducks, Eels, Pigs, Vegetables and Wine. Each guest will eat 1 unit of each food type at the feast. Honour at feasts is (4 x number of guests x number of food types) + 10. So a feast with 6 guests and 3 food types will give 82 honour. The maximum number of guests in a Large Keep is 9 and the maximum number of food types is 5 so the maximum honour from a feast is 190, plus the 10 bonus if you have a Musician’s guild. Clicking on the Lord’s Kitchen will show a panel with the amount of each food type available, the number of guests expected and the Honour you can expect from your next feast.

Musicians Guild

Having a musicians guild will recruit a jester and troubadour to play at your feasts which gives you an extra 10 honour points when you hold a feast.


Once you are married and have a Lady she will start making dresses if cloth is available. Each dress requires 1 cloth and the cloth must be delivered to her from the stockpile by a page from the Lord’s Kitchen. Once she has 4 dresses they will be used to hold a dance and you will receive 200 honour points. The process must start again and she must make another 4 dresses before there can be another dance.


If you have a monastery in your estate the monks will slowly start producing manuscripts. There are 6 monks and each seems to take around 2 years to produce a manuscript, you get a honour bonus of +5 for each manuscript delivered.


Holding a jousting tournament will gain you honour. When you place the Jousting Arena it is just bare land, the stands etc are then slowly assembled over 6 months until the Jousting Arena is complete. The tournament then starts and lasts for 6 months, each month giving you 20 honour points as well as 5 popularity points. At the end of 6 months the stands are taken down and then slowly rebuilt again over the next 6 months. So each year you have 6 months of jousting with 20 honour points each of those months and 6 months of nothing.


If your Lord is in attendance at your church during a Mass then you receive an honour bonus of 150 honour points. He must be set for Civilian duties for this to happen and it only happens infrequently, approx once a year if your church is having masses regularly. The type of mass he attends does not effect this.


Multiple Food types in the Granary gives you honour. You gain +1 honour per month for every food type over 1 in your granary that is checked as being available for use. So feeding your peasants 2 food types will give you +1 honour per month, feeding them 3 types will give +2 and feeding them 4 types will give +3. If you feed double rations then you get a bonus of double honour points, so that you will get +2 honour per month for 2 food types, +4 for 3 and +6 for 4types.


Statues produce +1 honour per month per statue. There doesn’t appear to be any maximum limit to the number of statues you can place or the amount of total honour they can give.


Placing a Bedchamber automatically provides a Lady and the Lord is then married. If set to Civilian duties occasionally the Lord shall ummm meet with the Lady in her Bedchamber and for this you are given a +1 honour bonus. This only seems to happen about once a year


Punishments used to rehabilitate or execute prisoners will give +1 honour bonus per month for the duration of the sentence. Sparrow has created the following table showing the duration of each punishment, along with the total honour given. Torture devices ending with fractional months may or may not receive the final month’s honor. For a detailed explanation see this thread.

Torture DeviceTime (in months)Honour
Humiliation Mask12.512-13
Flogging Post3.53-4
Branding Chair33
Torture Wheel2.52-3
Stretching Rack22
Burning Post11
Executioner’s Block3 days0-1

Unconfirmed sources of Honour
The following are mentioned in the manual as sources of honour but it is not confirmed how or if they actually work.

During the game you may be given specific quests, these will also give you honour
According to the manual you get an honour bonus if the Lord attends the Courthouse

Using Honour


Honour is needed to create certain Military Units from your Barracks, Monastery or Mercenary Post. These units also require gold, and sometimes weapons and armour to build. The units and their honour requirements are –

  • Archers – 2 honour each
  • Crossbowmen – 2 honour each
  • Macemen – 1 honour each
  • Pikemen – 2 honour each
  • Swordsmen – 8 honour each
  • Knights – 25 honour each
  • Fighting Monks – 1 honour each
  • Warrior Monks – 25 honour each
  • Assassin – 200 honour each
  • Horse Archer – 2 honour each
  • Light Cavalry – 2 honour each
  • Thief – 50 honour each

Kingmaker Ranks

In Kingmaker mode missions you can use honour to gain promotion. The honour cost for each rank promotion is –

  • Freeman to Yeoman – 10 honour
  • Yeoman to Squire – 15 honour
  • Squire to Knight – 30 honour
  • Knight to Knight Bachelor – 50 honour
  • Knight Bachelor to Knight Errant – 100 honour
  • Knight Errant to Royal Champion – 150 honour
  • Royal Champion to Baron – 200 honour
  • Baron to Earl – 250 honour
  • Earl to Duke – 300 honour


In some missions you can use honour points to purchase neutral estates, this costs 100 gold per estate.


Reaching a certain number of Honour points will sometimes be an objective required to win a mission.

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