Sir Grey

Stronghold 2 Skirmish Opponent and Campaign Ally


Sir Grey is a veteran soldier who can be difficult to defeat, if he is given enough time.

Sir Grey has a rectangular castle with a medium gatehouse and two round towers. Archers are placed everywhere on the walls and in the towers. The towers have mounted ballista.

Sir Grey mines both stone and iron, and produces meat and apples. He also produces grapes for wine, as well as he places one or two statues, which rise his honour.

This lord likes to use spearmen as his main force. These units patrol his buildings, defend the keep, and they are used in battles, of course. He also recruits archers, mainly for defense, and swordsmen for capturing enemies. The swordsmen can be quite a threat against a badly defended castle.

Sir Grey likes harassing his enemies. Periodically he will send a group of spearmen and two catapults. These units can be eliminated very easily with missile units or a few melee units.

In sieges he uses about two to three dozens of spearmen, some archers and swordsmen. In his siege camp many laddermen are hired and four catapults and a mantlet are built. Because of the large number of weak troops, a group of archers and some melee troops can easily stop his soldiers and the catapults. Grey’s one strength is his swordsmen, who have very high health. Some catapults or ballistae can stick up them, while missile units fire on them. This means that Sir Grey’s attacks will usually fail.

To capture Sir Grey, you will need to use some siege engines, because of the ballistae. A group of fire ballistae or trebuchets can take out the enemy ballistae and the archers. If you manage to create a breach on his walls, you can easily move in to the keep, ignoring the ballista and archer fire. You can also send in some archers in his towers, where they can shoot enemy workers and patrolling units. These steps can quickly ruin his economy.”

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