Olaf Grimtooth

by Grimbold

A Viking from Denmark. He is a fierce fighter who will never back down from a fight.

Lets take a look at some of the units he uses and how to defeat them….

  • The Berserker:
    These fearsome warriors charge into battle cutting and hewing all in their path; truly a horrific sight to behold.
    To defeat them – They seem very vulnerable to missile troops, so I suggest you form a solid line of Pikemen to tie them up while your Archers fire into their ranks
  • The Axe Thrower:
    Not as foolhardy as the Berserker but brave nonetheless. The Axe Thrower Stands behind the battle line hurling his axes into enemy ranks. These Axes will cut through even the Stoutest of Armour.
    To defeat them – Keep your melee troops away from them at all costs; get your Archers to pick them off while they close in.

Now we look at how he goes about a Siege.
He’ll use Catapults to battle down your walls and Ballistae to skewer your men, should those be destroyed then he’ll use laddermen to get his berserkers over the wall.

Next we look at his Castle

Not very impressive is it? A simple circular fort, defenses include war dogs and killing pits. When attacking his castle I suggest Archers to clear away the Axe Throwers while swordsmen move in to tear down the walls, The rest should be simple from there. Alternatively you could use Catapults to smash a breach in the wall and rush in, but beware the Axe Throwers!

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