Industry 3

Woodcutters from your Sawpit cut down trees and produce wood which is an essential resource. Each load of wood delivered to a Stockpile is 16 units.
Wood Required – 3
Workers Required – 1

Sheep Farm
Each sheep farm has a flock of sheep who are tended by a shepherd. He occasionally brings them back to the farm where they are shorn and then their wool is delivered to a Stockpile, each load of wool is 1 unit.
Wood Required – 20
Workers Required – 1

The Stockpile is where most of your resources are stored. Each stockpile has 30 sections, making it much larger than the stockpile in the original Stronghold. The amount that each section can store varies depending on the type of good, for a full list of resources, their details and how much can be stored in each section see the Resources – Storage and Pricing article. You can place more than one Stockpile but they must be adjacent to each other.
Wood Required – none
Workers Required – none

Stone Quarry
Stone Quarries must be placed on a suitable stone deposit. Each quarry has 3 workers who mine the stone. Oxen from an Ox Tether are then needed to transport the stone to a Stockpile, the further the distance to a Stockpile the more Ox Tethers you will need per quarry.
Wood Required – 20
Workers Required – 3

Tanner’s Workshop
The Tanner collects a cow from a Dairy Farm and then slaughters it and tans the leather. This he makes into Leather Armour which is taken to the Armoury where it can be used when creating Crossbowmen or Macemen.
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 100
WorkersRequired – 1

Weaver’s Workshop
Weavers use wool to create cloth. this cloth is then taken to a Stockpile where later it can be either sold or used by the Lady to make dresses which allows her to hold a Dance.
Wood Required – 10
Workers Required – 1

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