Industry 2

Iron Mine
You need to place Iron Mines on iron ore. Once the iron is mined it needs Oxen from Ox Tethers to transport it to a Stockpile, 8 iron ore is moved in each load.
Wood Required – 20
Workers Required – 2

The market is where you can buy and sell goods, weapons and food. In some missions you will only be able to trade limited types of goods, in other missions no trading may be allowed. A list of prices for buying and selling resources can be found in our Resources – Storage and Prices article.
Wood Required – none.
Workers Required – none

Ox Tether
Oxen are required to transport stone and iron to a Stockpile. The further the distance from the quarry or mine to a Stockpile the more Ox Tethers you will need.
Wood Required – 5
Workers Required – 1

Pitch Rig
Pitch Rigs must be placed on oily marshland. The collected pitch is then delivered to a stockpile.
Wood Required – 20
Workers Required – 1

Poleturner’s Workshop
Poleturners use wood to produce Spears for use by Spearmen and Pikes for use by Pikemen. You can select which weapon they should produce. They are delivered to the Armoury.
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 100
Workers Required – 1

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