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Farms and Food 3

Lord's Kitchen
The Lord's Kitchen is where noble food, ie eels, geese, pigs, vegetables and wine are delivered to. When enough food is available the Cook and her assistants prepare the food for the feasts held in the keep and pages take it there.
Stone Required - 10x
Workers Required - 4

Your Mill has 3 workers, 2 of whom pick a sheaf of wheat each from a Stockpile and take it to the Mill where the 3rd grinds it to make a bag of flour. This is then taken back to the Stockpile.
Wood Required - 20
Workers Required - 3

Pig Farm
Pigs are raised here and then delivered to the Lord's Kitchen for use in noble feasts. Each pig delivered is 1 unit.
Wood Required - 20
Workers Required - 1

Grapes are grown in the Vineyard and then delivered to a Stockpile for later use in making wine. Each delivery of grapes is one unit.
Wood Required - 20
Workers Required - 1

Vintner's Workshop
The Vintner collects grapes from a Stockpile and makes wine from them. He then takes the wine to the Lord's Kitchen to be drank at feasts. Each delivery is one cask of wine which is 1 unit of wine.
Wood Required - 20
Workers Required - 1

Wheat Farm
Growing wheat is the first stage in bread production. Once the wheat is grown the farmer takes it, two sheafs at a time, to a Stockpile.
Wood Required - 15
Workers Required - 1

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