Farms and Food 2

Gardener’s Hut
The Gardener grows vegetables which are then taken to the Lord’s Kitchen to be eaten by the nobles at feasts. Each delivery is one unit of vegetables.
Wood Required – 20
Workers Required – 1

The granary stores the food that your peasants eat, apples, meat, bread and cheese. Unlike the granary in the original Stronghold the granary in Stronghold 2 has no storage limit so you only ever build one of them.
Wood Required – none
Workers Required – none

Hop Farm
Hops are grown here and then taken to the Stockpile for later use by brewers in making ale. Each load that the farmer delivers is 2 units of hops.
Wood Required – 15
Workers Required – 1

Hunter’s Post
Hunters hunt for meat for use in your granary. In Stronghold 2 they can hunt deer, pheasants, rabbits and birds. Each load of meat that they deliver to the granary is 6 units of food. If game is close to your granary they can be a quick and efficient way to get food early as they require only 5 wood
Wood Required – 5
Workers Required – 1

Your inn is where your peasants go to relax and drink away their troubles. Providing ale through an inn increases your popularity and you can increase the amount of ale and raise your popularity even further. But it comes at a price as workers wander over to the Inn, spend time there and then wander around your village in a drunken stupor rather than producing their goods/food etc. The more ale your peasants drink the less effective they are as workers
Wood Required – 100
Workers Required – 1

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