Castle Structures 3

Sally Port
The Sally Port is a secret exit from the castle that looks like a wall until the bricked up exit is smashed through, you can use this for suprise attacks or to flee.
Stone Required – 20

Wooden Platform
The wooden platform allows units, for example archers, to stand on it or to access the top of wooden walls. It can be built freestanding or next to wooden walls. It will not withstand much in the way of attacks from enemies.
Wood Required – 10

Stone Staircase
Stone Staircases are a way of giving units access to the top of stone walls. They must be built adjacent to a wall.
Stone Required – 10

Walls –

Stone Walls –
Stone Walls can be built automatically in 3 different thicknesses, thicker walls can be achieved by manually building more thicknesses.
Single walls – requires 1 piece of stone per section, foot soldiers will not be able to get through it but it will fall fairly easily to seige equipment.
Double walls – requires 2 pieces of stone per section. It has crenalations on both sides and will withstand stronger attacks.
Triple walls – requires 3 pieces of stone per wall. Much stronger again.

Wooden Walls
Wooden walls require 1 piece of wood per section for each layer of thickness. Foot soldiers can break through wooden walls.

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