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Punishments are used to rehabilitate, or execute, criminals. These must be captured first by Guards from Guard Posts and then held and tried at your Courthouse. The more gentle forms of punishment are cheaper, but it will take longer for a criminal to be rehabilitated and return to the workforce. The most severe punishments will execute the prisoner, allowing somebody else to move into his space in a hovel and for any unemployed peasant to take over his job, meaning the building is idle for less time. You need a torturer from a Torturer’s Guild to operate the Flogging Post and all the punishments more severe than that.

The honour bonus is given every month for the duration of the punishment. Torture devices ending with fractional months may or may not award you the final month’s +1 honor. This is because there are two clocks running for a torture device: one tracking the length of punishment, and one for when to award the honor bonus. These do not run in sync with each other.

The clock tracking the length of punishment starts when the prisoner arrives at the device for punishment. The honor clock starts when the device is originally placed and awards honor on the same day of each month thereafter.

If the time for awarding honor falls within the fractional period remaining you will get the final +1 of honor. If it falls beyond the ending of the period you will not. For a more detailed explanation see this thread.

In order of severity the punishments are:

Placing a criminal in the stocks is the gentlest and cheapest form of punishment, but it takes a long time for him to be rehabilitated.
Honour bonus – 20
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 5
Time taken to rehabilitate – 20 months

The criminal is forced to stand on this block wearing a donkey mask for this punishment.
Honour bonus – 12-13
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 10
Time taken to rehabilitate – 12.5 months

Hanging in a cage known as a gibbet helps criminals to learn to be better citizens.
Honour bonus – 15
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 20
Time taken to rehabilitate – 15 months

Criminals are spun round and round while tied on a wheel for this punishment.
Honour bonus – 2-3
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 50
Time taken to rehabilitate – 2.5 months

Flogging Post
A torturer flogs the criminal until they repent, it shouldn’t take too long.
Honour bonus – 3-4
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 80
Time taken to rehabilitate – 3.5 months

Stretching a criminal on the rack usually convinces him fairly quickly that crime doesn’t pay, a torturer is needed to operate the rack.
Honour bonus – 2
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 120
Time taken to rehabilitate – 2 months

Branding Chair
The criminal is branded with a burning iron by a torturer to help him remember his crimes.
Honour bonus – 3
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 150
Time taken to rehabilitate – 3 months

Burning Post
The slowest type of death but quicker than any of the earlier punishments. You need a torturer to keep the fire burning but no gold is needed.
Honour bonus – 1
Wood Required – 200
Gold Required – 0
Time taken to execute – 1 month

Hanging is quicker than burning, again a torturer is are needed.
Honour bonus – 0-1
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 300
Time taken to execute – .5

Chopping off a criminals head will make sure that he doesn’t offend again. A torturer is needed to do the chopping.
Honour bonus – 0-1
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 250
Time taken to execute – 3 days

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