Castle Services 2

Guard Post
Guards from Guard Posts protect your Castle from criminals who may otherwise steal food from your granary and lower your popularity. Guards catch these criminals and take them to the Dungeon section of your Courthouse to await trial.
Wood Required – 20
Workers Required – 1

Torturer’s Guild
Torturer’s are needed to operate some more severe types of punishments that are used to rehabilitate, or dispose of, criminals. Those that require a torturer are the Flogging Post, Burning Chair, Rack, Burning Post, Gallows and Block.
Wood Required – 10
Gold Required – 100
Workers Required – 2

Water Pot
The Water Pot stores a large amount of water which can be used to help quickly put out any fires that start in your Castle.
Wood Required – 60
Workers Required – 0

Wellboys draw water from the well and in case of fire use it to help put the fire out
Wood Required – 20
Workers Required – 1

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