Civilian 2

If you have a supply of candles the priest in your church will hold regular masses. Your people appreciate having attending these masses and it gives you a popularity boost, the more elaborate the service, and the more candles burnt, the higher the popularity boost. If your Lord attends mass you also get a small honour increase.
Stone Required – 50
Gold required – 500
Workers Required – 1

Travelling Fair
Travelling Fairs are where entertainers put on a show for your people which increases your popularity. They are temporary structures, built for a season and then dismantled until the next time the entertainers come. In between the Fairground is just a pile of wood, it will be rebuilt without any help from you when needed.
Wood Required – 50
Gold required – 250
Workers Required – 0

To get more peasant workers you need to provide housing for them. There are a number of different Hovel graphics but they all hold 8 peasants each. The peasants will one by one leave their Hovel and either head to jobs if buildings are waiting for workers or head to the Campfire to wait if there is unemployment. Unlike in the original Stronghold, hovels that do not have access to the keep (because they are on an island, blocked by unpassible cliffs or river etc) will not be able to provide workers.
Wood Required – 6

Jousting Arena
Jousting Tournaments are the most popular entertainment your Castle can have and increase your popularity and give you honour. In between Jousting Tournaments the Jousting Arena is dismantled and the pile of wood waits there until the next time a joust is held, at which time it will be automatically reassembled.
Wood Required – 200
Gold required – 500
Workers Required – 0

Lady’s Bedchamber
Before your Lord can get married his Lady will require somewhere to sleep as a Lady couldn’t possibly sleep in the Main Hall. The Bedchamber, often called a Solar in medieval times is the building that fulfills that need. Once you have placed the Bedchamber the Lord will get married, which will bring him honour.
Stone Required – 25

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