FAQ – General Questions

Is there a demo available?
Currently there is only a German version demo available, it is 374mb and the text is all in German. You can find it for download on a number of sites, including here. There is no word yet on when or if an English demo will be made available.

Are there any patches for the game?
Yes the game has patches, you should be prompted to install them if you play on a computer connected to the internet, or they can be downloaded manually. See here for details of the latest patch.

Where can I find more Stronghold 2 maps or campaigns to play?
Our Downloads section has a good selection of player created maps and is expanding all the time.

Can I change the crest on my shield in the game?
Yes the crests used in the game are found in the \Firefly Studios\Stronghold 2\crests folder. Look for the crest1.PNG and change it to the crest you wish to use which could either be one of those already in the crests folder or one you make yourself.

Are there any cheats for Stronghold 2?
No, there are no known working cheats.

How do I rotate buildings?
Use the r key.

What are the keyboard control hotkeys?
You can find a list of the hotkeys here.

How can I take a screenshot while playing Stronghold?
You should press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard and then Alt+tab the game down and paste the screenshot into a graphics program such as Paint and save it. The manual mentions using Alt+Q to take a screenshot but as of patch 1.2 this is still not working in the game.

Is Stronghold 2 available for the MAC?
Not yet, the original Stronghold was ported to the MAC about 6 months after it was released for the PC. There is no word yet on if Stronghold 2 will ever be.

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