FAQ – Game Play Questions

What does the red crossed circle over buildings mean?
This means that the building does not have a peasant worker yet. If you have spare peasants around your campfire one should be alloted to the building soon, if you have no spare peasants you will need to build more hovels to get more peasants.

What does the red circle with a noose mean?
This means that the worker from that building has turned to crime and the building therefore won’t work until he is caught and either rehabilitated or executed.

How do I stop crime in my towns?
You need to build at least one Guard Post to catch the criminals, a Courthouse for them to be taken to and tried in, and Punishments. Many of the quicker Punishments also require a Torturer’s Guild to operate. You can see a list of the Punishments, whether they require a torturer, their costs and how quickly they will rehabilitate/execute your criminals here. The quicker the punishment the quicker his building will be working again.

Why can’t I build all the buildings or create all the different kinds of units when playing a Kingmaker map?
In Kingmaker you get the ability to build more buildings and create more types of units as you move through the ranks. For a more detailed explanation of Kingmaker ranks see our Kingmaker game info article.

Why don’t more peasants come even when I can and do place more hovels?
There is a maximum allowed limit of 24 unemployed peasants that can be waiting around your campfire. If you have more peasants than this you will need to provide more jobs before more peasants can come.

I’m playing a Kingmaker map, why don’t more peasants appear even though I have built more hovels and there aren’t too many unemployed?
Kingmaker maps have a built in peasant limit which is linked to map size. Once you reach this limit you cannot get any more peasants. This only applies to Kingmaker maps.

Why are people leaving my castle and how do I get them to come back?
If your popularity drops below 50 people will start to leave and won’t start coming back until you raise it back above 50. For details on what things influence popularity and ideas on raising it look at our Popularity article

Why can’t I build any more hovels once I reach a certain number?
In Kingmaker maps there is a limit to the number of peasants the map may have, this seems to be related to map size. This limit does not apply to other types of maps.

Why can’t I build any more Stockpiles?
There is a limit of 3 Stockpiles in any one estate in the game.

I’m having trouble with a particular mission in one of the campaigns that come with the game. Where can I get some help?
You can look in our Walkthrough section and/or ask for help in our forums

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