FAQ – Map Editor Questions

When I download maps what do I do with them and where do I put them?
First unzip them using an unzipping program, Windows XP comes with one built in, or you can download many free unzipping programs on the internet. In the unzipped folder you will see a .s2m file, that is the actual map and you need to place that in your \My Documents\Stronghold 2\Maps folder. It will then appear in the selecttion for the type of map it is (War, Peace, Kingmaker or Freebuild) within the game. The download folder may also include a text file giving instructions and/or a story and image files showing parts of the game, these can be placed wherever is convenient for you.

Why do I get instant defeat when I try to play a new Freebuild map that I made?
You can find instructions for making successful Freebuild maps in our Getting Started with Freebuilds article.

Why don’t invasions show up in Freebuild when I click on F1?
You must have at least one signpost on the map. Also F1 does not work on version 1.0 of Stronghold 2 so make sure you have the latest patched version.

Can I have maps without crime/gong/rats?
Yes, in the editor you can set crime, gong or rats to different levels ranging from Off to Very High for maps you make.

Where can I get help in learning how to use the map editor?
Take a look at the articles in our Scenario Design section and ask questions in our Scenario Design forum.