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Helm's Deep by Black King

Author File Description
Black King2
File Details
Map Size: Large
Number of Missions: 2
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.4
I personally made this map not for other people but for myself. This is a tribute for the movie LOTR 2 towers and for the game stronghold 2. First I was playing stronghold 2 then a few hours I got bored so I tried map editor and gave it a shot if can create something different but it takes time to imagine a map. Then helms deep pops up, I tried to make one but it was very hard so I stop and search for pictures for reference and made a sketch first. I tested every part of the game like the attacking force, the reinforcements (elves, rohan riders), their formations, AI behavior (attacks any part of the castle) the timing, building availability, resources, events. if it will all goes well. Even while sleeping I can't stop thinking about what did I miss and map designs inside and outside the castle unstoppably pops up in my brain every night. I dunno what happened to me or what did I eat to make this. I uploaded this to share my piece of art to stronghold 2 players. I hope everyone will enjoy playing this same as me xd

Helm's Deeph is said to be the unbreachable castle of Rohan is at war against a massive army of 10,000. Rohan king believes that the fortress could withstand any attack like the previous battles. with only 700 troops, you must help him defend the castle and it's people. Just like in the movie, you must hold the enemies till aid comes.

This 2 mission map primarily focuses on how you're going to defend your castle against an army of 10,000 and survive till aid comes using only 300 men plus 400 elves with selected building availability and resources.

Men: lords, knights, swordsmen, pikemen, spearmen, bowmen, outlaws, armed peasants, engineers, warrior and fighting monks.
Elves: Crossbowmen, assassins and a Knight.
Enemies: Berserkers, axe throwers, mace men, Pictish warriors, outlaws, ladder men.

First mission
First you need to survive or fight your way to reach your castle. On this mission you have the time to prepare your defenses. You need to gather stones for the engineers for them to repair walls for incoming sieges. Position your troops in the walls, specially walls that has higher possibilities for ladders. Don't forget that you have limited units like engineers so use them wisely. You will be reinforced with 400 units. (assume that this are the elves)

Second mission
This is the time where the army of 10,000 arrives and attack your castle. All you have to do is survive by any means necessary till help comes.

the ff units that has been modified:

(Uruk Hai Skin by frankoman)
Berserker - w/ pikes
Pictish warrior - w/ spearman spear
Ladderman - ladder can kick by Sweyn78 (no damage)
Maceman - w/ berserkers axe
Axe thrower

Lord - Teutonic by Razorsharpz
Knight - Teutonic & HD skin
Swordsman - HD skin by MaGlas
Spearman - HD skin w/ outlaw spear
Outlaw - w/ thief sword (skin same w/ spearman)
Pikeman - w/ spartan spear
Crossbowman - w/ light armor by Sir Dan
Warrior monk - light cavalry skin w/knight shield
Fighting monk - light cavalry skin w/ spartan spear
Light Cavalry - light cavalry skin by LadyFury
Horseman archer - crossbowman w/ bow & horse
Armed Peasant - Criminal w/ spartan spear

Assassin - assassin's creed assassin by Taufiq
Archers - assassin's crees assassin by Taufiq w/ assassin's sword as knife

to all of the authors of these unit files, a great thanks to all of you guys and my deep apologies if I have not ask your permissions.

You can also change the followings:
replace soldier speeches and music gameplay with "battle for middle earth"
Doing this will add more realistic feeling closer to the movie and for greater enjoyment. It's really all up to you.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Billakoz16AOMa Awesome, was looking for this map! Review incoming.
Black King2
File Author
I salute you Sir Billakoz16AOMa :D
of all the downloaders, you atleast give some time to comment. W/out comments, map creators would lose the will to build more maps. I think this is because feedback from downloaders encourage and inspire the map editors that their works are appreciated.
Nirnaeth Wow! :o It is the best map I've ever seen! :D

I haven't seen so much soldier in SH2 ^^ Even if my Pc were a little bit laggy, I love the gameplay of this map and played it several times!

Hope you'll make others ones!

Nice work Black King!! ;)
Black King2
File Author
thank you Nirnaeth. I would like to create another map but the problem now is that my Imagination is Empty perhaps could you give me some map of yours that you think would be great if build?
Nathanb Omg dude i came back to stronghold played stronghold 1 for a bit got bored come onto stronghold 2 after a few years off it and i remember all the maps suck and no invasion missions.

I searched for new maps on google come to this site and find this its unbelievably good.

Like i mean ive spent passed 2 days playing this 1 map haha. Managed to survive eventually but using loads of traps and stone things so probably used to much gold as i just kept selling stuff and made sure i didnt get the 300 stone till i was ready.

A few things the ai doesnt use all the troops sometimes has alot just standing around to the bottom left of there army. And wasnt attacking the gate much.

But nothing to big absolutely love it will be playing it again and mabe banning myself from putting all the stone things in and stuff see how i get on then :)

Going to try the minis tirith one tomorrow mabe to much going on in that though but definatly give it a try haha looks hard.

Should mabe make a osgiliath one i seen theres one on here but doesnt look as detailed as yours so not sure.

Great map unbelievable infact haha :)
Black King2
File Author
Nathanb, as I have observed where ever the king is, the enemy will always look for him so if the king is not in the keep or either he is in the battlefield, there is a high possibility that most of your enemy will just stand if there is no way to your king. they will wait for a ladder or a wall breach of course. and if the king is in the top of your keep, the enemy attacks all parts of the wall and gates. Seriously I tried a lot to understand the behaviour of the AI but unfortunately I can't changed it on how it attacks the castle :D
IanWarrior ok Black King this one of the best maps of helm's deep i have never seen and the difficult you add trying to susrvive to 10,000 of enemies that was great i finally win i am waiting more maps like this
Black King2
File Author
I have some idea's of a good survival map. One map is about the movie "saving private Ryan" where you have to hold your base from invading enemies that are trying to land to the shore. Well eventually you are outnumbered for the thrill. You have to survive until reinforcements arrive. I designing a good map were it's uneasy to invade. For now It's on the process because I need to try a lot of things first...
DavidHi1234 Rating: 5

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