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War of the Triumvirate Evil Demo

Author File Description
Lord Tanthos
File Details
Map Size: Small
Number of Missions: 1
Difficulty: Hard
This demo will allow you to preview some of the creatures you will be fighting against by playing as Myrdraak and slaughtering one of the southern villages.

To install it, read the "Where to put what" .txt document and follow the directions.
To reinstall Stronghold: Legends as normal, download my "Uninstall War of the Triumvirate" file, which has been released, and follow the instructions given.


The country of Arenthria was once a warring nation of city-states, led by three powerful lords. For years they fought back and forth to prove the power of their individual states and their own tactical prowress. That changed when the warlocks began threatening their domains.
The warlocks arose swiftly, within the city-states themselves, as a withdrawn faction solely concentrated on their own guild of warlocks. When the head of their guild, the powerful warlock Myrdraak, discovered how to shape the energies of magic into power that gives life to the dead, the abyss itself must have laughed that day.
The power Myrdraak possessed allowed him to raise armies of thousands in a few days by visiting the battlefields where the three lords had their recent battles. He traveled across the land to raise corpses from the largest cemeteries and mausoleums.
For some time the warlocks used magic and ingenuity to hide their leader's armies. But soon, it became too difficult. One can only hide a thousand mindless thrall for so long.
The warlock's guild was discovered, and the three lords, in their hysteria, began purging their cities of all those practicing any form of magic. This time became known as the Vindication, in which people found using magic were banished or excecuted (most often the latter).
Myrdraak had become powerful off of the slaughter. The slain corpses of wizards and sorceresses were eager to exact vengeance upon their killers, and the magic in their blood made them into powerful undead servants. As his guild members were killed off or disappeared one by one, he used his infernal power to hide himself or even fight back with his hordes of cadavers.
Soon his army was so massive that he came out of hiding and openly invaded. The lords responded by forming an alliance against this threat. The alliance was known as the Triumvirate, a three-way alliance against a deadly threat. Their combined forces hunted down Myrdraak and his armies, and cut down many of his enslaved corpses in two years of bloody warfare.
But then, Myrdraak gained even more power. His knowledge of necromancy and destruction grew massively, and he soon possessed enough power to share it with his sorcerous minions, allowing them to also raise the dead in his service. This splitting of power gave him influence in many areas, and a steady growth of dead fighters. The apprehensive warlock set up his base in a great fortress in the Plains of the Dead, a massive plateau to the north of the Triumvirate's lands. From here, he summoned more corpses from the very ground daily. The layers and layers of dead and decaying bodies in this ground of primeval slaughter provided him years of reinforcements. It seemed as if hope for the Triumvirate was lost.
Now, Myrdraak threatens the lives and homes of every living human of the Triumvirate and the southern hamlets. You are leading a group of demons and a few bone bolters against a village of Southerners.

You army will soon be raised from the dead in the local graveyard by a warlock. Wraith reinforcements should arrive soon. Take your current army and capture the village.

Bonus objective:
One of the Lords' patrols is fortified on the road behind you. Should they spot you heading up the road to the village, they may move to attack you. Deal with them first, on your own terms. There are some Enslaved Corpses waiting in the woods behind them. Should you clear the way soon enough, they are ordered to come help you.


The units you will have in this mission are going to be the ones you will do battle against in the actual War of the Triumvirate campaign. Learn to use them well, and you'll know how to fight against them.

Enslaved Corpses are your incredibly slow, moderately tough, hard-hitting infantry. They resemble Pikemen in look.

Wraiths are your slow, flying archers. Flying, but easy to shoot down. They resemble White Witches in look.

Imps are your incredibly fast, low damage, and extremely weak support units. They are best at burning archers and siege weapons in small, suicide groups. They resemble Demons in look.

Bone Bolters are your basic infantry archers. They have moderate range but do a lot of damage to infantry. They resemble Crossbowmen in look.

You also have one Meatshield. A Meatshield is a lightweight woodenframe Cat shield made of large strips of flesh and hide. It is much faster than the Cat, but noticably easier to destroy.


Good luck!

To uninstall this demo mod, go here:
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Martyy Hi,
the demo of the upcoming mod looks verry nice. You did a great job.

What do you think how long does is take to release the first campain?

Lord Tanthos
File Author
Thanks for the interest! It will probably be a month or two before I release any campaign missions. Take a look at the thread,3265,,30 every so often. I'll announce more news about it soon!

[Edited on 09/07/08 @ 01:30 PM]

Lucifer In the campaign itself you are Mydraak or do you play as the Triumvirate ?
Lord Tanthos
File Author
In the campaign you will play as the Triumvirate. Although at certain points of the campaign, you may or may not (depending on what you do) receive control of some of Myrdraak's troop types.

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