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AD1066-Battle of hastings

Author File Description
lord dredde
File Details
Map Size: Small
Number of Missions: one
Difficulty: Easy
Hi,i was looking at seige style maps for legends and noticed there weren't many so i thought i'd contribute.
There are two maps-one definding(player colour is blue) the second is attacking(player colour burgundy.
When you start the attacking scenario you will notice that the battle has already begun,(some of your barons were over-enthusiastic)and that the first wave has run into difficulty,however you have a few troops of your own to send forth.
This is slightly different as i have scripted reinforcements for the human player-they enter near your keep and will ride past and charge into battle.You dont need them ,they are just for visual effect,but you cannot control them ,they are useful.
Lord Dredde
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
axildur Looks interesting. I'll review after i'll play it.
lord dredde
File Author
axildur, firstly welcome to strongholdheaven.
Secondly,enjoy this fun scenario.
Lord Tanthos Hey, very nice! I'm glad to see that my Siege legacy is continued!
lord dredde
File Author
Thanks Lord Tanthos,glad you enjoyed the scenario.There's the possibility of another when i finish my other projects.


Lord Dredde
Lord Zerachiel Glad to get more maps from you Lord Dredde. "salute"
lord dredde
File Author
Lord Zerachiel,thanks for the feedback!glad you enjoyed the map.

Thankyou to everyone else for downloading this map.

Lord Dredde
Map Design3.5
Playability: 3.5
Alright the attacking version was just way too laggy and unplayable and as for the defending version it was a straightforward battle not really a siege .

Balance: 3.5
The defending one was just way too easy, I know the map's difficulty is set to easy but the thing is a rule you must always have in sieges is that the defender has less amount of troops compared to the attacker.

Creativity: 4
Alright I'll give you this one, I've never seen this type of invasion map looks like a realistic battle but the player didn't have to do much.

Map Design: 3.5
You used the tinting tools in a wrong way didn't look very good, and the majority of the map was trees. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be but it wasn't very eye appealing.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
It's part of history that's very good, the instructions are straightforward too.

Additional Comments:
Well I'd expected something different something that at least involved walls in it.
Lord Tanthos
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4

Time: 4
A nice, short siege missions sessions. Although very short even for a siege mission. Sieges should be short missions, but not too short. Regardless, these missions are designed to be very short.

Space: NULL
There isn't much building to be done, so, overall, this is a null category.

Attraction: 4
These missions were most definitely enthralling. Controlling your large armies against the other large armies quickly is very entertaining. The only qualm I had was the incredible lag from the huge armies in the Attacking version. It made it difficult, but not impossible, thankfully, to play.

Balance: 3.5

Resources: 3
The attacking version gives you way too many resources. I could field an army of knights that wiped out everything effortlessly.

Troops/Availability: 3.5
Defending has quite good balance for troop numbers. Attacking, however, you are more than able to destroy the enemy with ease, even without using them strategically.

Enemy: 4
In the Defending mode, the balance is close to perfect, but the enemy could use a lot more archers. In attacking, it was incredibly easy, but not so much due to lack of enemy numbers, but lack of crossbowmen to combat the large amount of knights that you get.

Objectives: 3.5
As mentioned in other categories, it was, overall, fairly easy, but not numbingly easy, to reach the set goals.

Creativity: 4.5

Eye-Candies: 4
The blends of trees were very nice looking, and the armies were nicely organized into beautiful formations.

Scripting: 4
The scripting of invasions was well done, especially under the defense mission, where the enemy armies synchronized before attacking. Everything worked with alacrity, as well.

Terraining: 5
Excellent terrain. Beautiful, walkable forests, grass and flowers on the meadow. I thought that it was quite unique to most other designers in many ways, as well.

Map Design: 4.5

Textures, Tints, Shades: 4
Contrary to Karnatu's opinion, I think that the tinting was extremely well done. There were a few anomalies, but overall it was beautiful. It was better than my tinting usually is on grass terrain.

Features: 5
Excellent trees, flowers, grasses. The placement of bushes on the forest's interior and edge was quite realistic, and the meadow's low-lying position was also true to nature. The forest was beautiful because of the tree type mixing as well.

Castles/Towns: NULL
Not really any castles or towns that are important in any way except to prevent instant defeat, thus this category is null.

Story/Instructions: 3

Story: 2
Very little story at all. Some historical notes, though.

Instructions: 3
Clear enough instructions, but just in the objectives list themselves. This is fine, but nothing special.

[Edited on 09/21/08 @ 04:50 PM]

lord dredde
File Author
Thankyou for the reviews ,Karnatu and Lord Tanthos, all feedback is appreciated.
As for the scenario i did say there wasnt much for the player to do,it was intended as a'semi-immersion-cimematic map,where you can do something(like a holo-suite in startrek and red dwarf)it was made purely for entertainment
The map desighn took me a while to perfect with textures(the editor isnt the most extensive,i prefer the one for SH2-See maps by myself-'blood of the saxons' maps by Stratego and Sir_Vet come to mind,the depth,texturing etc.Ifelt that i did well with the design,as for troop types i felt that the saxon warrior unit made for a good 'housecarl' and that the army you have in the defence scenario represented most if not all the saxon forces,i played both several times and they were slaughtered.As for lag,i didn't have that problem as i have a fast pc with a big memory and a good graphics card,i suggest turning down the settings for better gameplay.
Now i'm left wondering 'Do i upload the big,lots of stuff,villages,trees etc version of this for SH2?'And on the topic of trees ,britain still had a lot of them in 1066,i have seen too many maps with little or no flora and fauna on them.As for buildings that was the idea and a pre-requisite for legends and sh2,where you need a keep so i added other buildings to add life,just a keep ,lots of troops and nothing else,not my style.And for invasions try 'blood of the saxons-pt4' the invasions are well timed and continuous.Back to the texture-tinting i tried to emphasise a sunny yet cloudy day hence the varying shades on the ground,not easy to do, i have other games that have 'lighting options' in the worldbuilder.
Again thankyou to both of you for reviewing the scenario and those that have downloaded it and my other maps.btw Lord Tanthos-your latest scenario looks to be very enthralling.

happy gaming

Lord Dredde

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