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Download File (3.22 MB)
3.22 MB
Fenmire Swamp
Aldemos has his revenge upon Arthur and Camelot. Can you guide Lancelot on his quest to save the King and his knights?
by gebstar
5.0 (1)
3935 0 8
Download File (2.34 MB)
2.34 MB
Dietrich, A Married Man
This is a five-mission campaign on a large map. Dietrich of Bern and his new wife Virginal of Tyrol are soon to spend their honeymoon, and unwittingly the next several years at a keep in Norway.
by Lord Tanthos
5.0 (1)
2733 0 25
Download File (142.46 KB)
142.46 KB
The Final Mission of the Creeping Shadow, Mission 7: The Brave Fools
The eruption of energy when the Sphere was closed off again drew in every last one of Vlad's minions. However, the four heroes were also drawn with it. Now they are trapped within the darkness, trying to get out...
by Lord Tanthos
4.8 (1)
1339 0 14
Download File (1.16 MB)
1.16 MB
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair Campaign
One of the grand books by C.S. Lewis put into a game campaign. Something legendary instead of LoTR, eh?
by Lord Tanthos
4.8 (1)
2455 2 19
Download File (917.09 KB)
917.09 KB
Hall of the Mountain King
Capture the ancient shrines to melt the Ice Gate. Then Assault the Great Hall
by StoneMmason
4.8 (1)
2467 0 2
Download File (344.42 KB)
344.42 KB
The Creeping Shadow Mission 5: Grenz Hill
Sir Gareth is ambushed while meeting with Dietrich and Siegfried about an alliance. Mordred's massive army is on its way right towards them, and the only defence they have is a hill surrounded by rivers. Can a handful of men fight off thousands?
by Lord Tanthos
4.7 (1)
1238 0 8
Download File (1.13 MB)
1.13 MB
The Creeping Shadow Mission 2: The Apocalyptic March
Following the landing upon the shores of Illithia, the Enchanted General, along with Mordred, prepare for the utter ruin of the richest side of the country, the Green Highlands...
by Lord Tanthos
4.7 (1)
1603 0 4
Download File (1.45 MB)
1.45 MB
Ever try to pry an angry wizard out of his castle? Well, here's your chance. All you need is an army, a really large army....
by gebstar
4.6 (1)
2927 0 4
Download File (501.64 KB)
501.64 KB
The Creeping Shadow Mission 1: Archipelago of Darkness
Far over the high seas, away from the green lands of Illithia, stirs evil. The Purging, in which all evil creatures were banished, slain, or imprisoned, will soon come back to haunt the peoples of Illithia.
by Lord Tanthos
4.5 (1)
1550 0 21
Download File (417.7 KB)
417.7 KB
Chapter 3 in King Arthur's rigorous journey (updated Aug. 16-07)
Chapter 3 in King Arthur's rigorous journey to South Marr and the Dol Island.
by sir tarritt
4.4 (1)
800 0 2
Download File (622.89 KB)
622.89 KB
Castell y Bere, A Legendary Siege
Continuing my siege map style, now with more improved scripting and AI planning, I have endeavoured to design historical castles under siege by Legendary foes. Defend, or attack Castell y Bere, as it is invaded by Beowulf's horde!
by Lord Tanthos
4.4 (1)
1051 0 1
Download File (909.51 KB)
909.51 KB
The Great Rescue
The Great Rescue Operation Of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot.
by sir tarritt
4.3 (1)
1590 0 6
Download File (1.03 MB)
1.03 MB
The "Heroick" Scout
You have been hired by King Arthur to find a safe trading route with his ally, Sir Bedivere,
by sir tarritt
4.3 (1)
1082 0 3
Download File (298.49 KB)
298.49 KB
The Journey Back to Dol Island (updated August 16-07)
Chapter 2 in King Arthur's rigorous journey to South Marr and the Dol Island.
by sir tarritt
4.3 (2)
794 0 10
Download File (886.76 KB)
886.76 KB
Ghiel's Ridge (Siege Map)
This map takes us back to SH2 momentarily for the old "Siege Mode" where you get a set amount of troops and attack, or defend a fortress. In this mission, Alfred the Great is hunting down the last knight of the round table, Sir Lancelot.
by Lord Tanthos
4.3 (1)
1103 0 5
Download File (444.86 KB)
444.86 KB
Of Dragons and Dread
Ah... the shining new coastal city of Waes-Hoald. Built on a strong hill in near a fine bay in Scotland. But a fear stirs further north, one with scales and fire.
by Lord Tanthos
4.3 (1)
1157 0 11
Download File (1.1 MB)
1.1 MB
The QuansGaurd
A Mini-Campaign consisting of only sieges
by Karnatu
4.1 (1)
1697 0 8

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