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Download File (950.55 KB)
950.55 KB
Muddy Waters
Troubled times in Dukedom Swabia! There is every indication that this land would never recover, unless … What’s your plan to get out of the misery – by hoping and praying?
by Stratego
5.0 (1)
5864 3 11
Download File (615.17 KB)
615.17 KB
Mysterious Lagoon
Pick up the challenge, gain a foothold and get rid of roaming wild animals and raiding bandits. Restore a well-running economy in preventing your limited population of 16 souls from starvation, and establish a constant religious life.
by Stratego
5.0 (1)
5569 3 4
Download File (872 KB)
872 KB
Odin's Footprint
War-torn Gotland is suffering from frequent invasions by pagan viking raiders terrorizing the former Christian country. Try to restore Christian faith and stand firm against paganism.
by Stratego
4.8 (2)
10537 1 3
Download File (498.94 KB)
498.94 KB
Craggy Island
A small island economic mission with a few fights to watch out for along the way. Hope you enjoy it, have fun.
by brave sir robyn
4.8 (2)
10314 3 8
Download File (789.14 KB)
789.14 KB
Raid on Ragnar's Fjord
A fierce power struggle broke out in Ragnar’s Fjord. Several Viking tribes are fighting for predominance in trying to occupy the resulting power vacuum after King Ragnar’s death. They say that his knightly son Eric might be too inexperienced ...
by Stratego
4.8 (3)
4658 3 10
Download File (346.98 KB)
346.98 KB
The Lost Island
You're a castaway on an unknown and mysterious island. Explore, build and don't let the word 'peace' fool you.
by BigJ26
4.8 (2)
4826 6 18
Download File (610.35 KB)
610.35 KB
The True Tale of Robinson Crusoe
Imagine you are Robinson Crusoe, doomed to scrape a bare living on a secluded island ... forever? No, definitely not! Together with your companions try to resist all the sources of danger that are threatening...
by Stratego
4.7 (1)
4048 2 7
Download File (694.84 KB)
694.84 KB
The Drought
The County of Oldenbourg is groaning under the unbearable heat. The riverbed is almost dried up, and the few remaining waterholes are turning foul and stinking. It is hard to hold out, though, nothing ventured, nothing gained…
by Stratego
4.6 (1)
2796 1 14
Download File (561.62 KB)
561.62 KB
Tight Quarters
Never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially one from the king!
by Sir Mills
4.5 (2)
2969 1 12
Download File (1.15 MB)
1.15 MB
The rune of tears chpt1
The rune of tears is set in the kingdom of verhagan(about 8000years ago).A fantasy scenario ,based on the hypborean age-sorry conan does not show up!
by lord dredde
4.3 (1)
2297 1 15
Download File (437.34 KB)
437.34 KB
Banished and caught on a secluded, apparently deserted island you have to deal with nature, wild animals, and pirates. There's one handicap: No barracks, no armoury, no weapon production, no market...just rely on a small group of brave men
by Stratego
4.3 (3)
3326 1 9
Download File (751.9 KB)
751.9 KB
A beautiful island invaded by Outlaws!
by Sh0v0r
4.3 (3)
5786 2 3
Download File (749.42 KB)
749.42 KB
Eye of the Moon
The Lord of the land has gone insane! you must gather your forces and bring peace back to the land.
by Sir Mills
4.2 (1)
2646 1 1
Download File (949.88 KB)
949.88 KB
Aedile Plateau 1.0
This is a large map Peace Mission with three enemies challenging you at once.
by aedile
4.2 (1)
2459 1 3

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