Member Articles

We at Stronghold 2 Heaven welcome and encourage members to submit articles for our site. These could for example be Historical dealing with an aspect of medieval life or history, Strategic articles about some facet of playing the game, Scenario Design articles or writeups with pictures for our Castle of the Week series.

Those members who think they may have an idea for an article should read How to Write an Article which gives details of the process they should follow in first writing and then submitting it to us.

Another way you can assist the site is in writing Reviews for downloaded maps. The Review Guide can be be found here and the top reviewers are listed as part of our Download Statistics. And of course those members who submit quality maps to our downloads greatly help our site too and we thank them.

Any articles submitted by members and published on the site will be acknowledged here and with the article.

Below is a list of Member Articles that have been submitted and posted. We would like to thank those members who have put their time and effort into these.

Arn de Gothia
Castle of the Week 106 – Dunnottar Castle

Scenario Design article – Move Ship Event

Game Info – AI Characters – Olaf Grimtooth

Castle of the Week 116 – Castle Garth, England

Historical article – King Philip II of France

Scenario Design articles – Triggers and Events and Examples of Scripted Events

Scenario Design articles – Shallow Water and How to Make Custom War Maps