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Stronghold 2 Scenario Design Articles

Stronghold Legends

Map Design

The Map Editor, by Kester* - An overview of the toolbars and icons.

Shallow Water, by Yellek - This tutorial illustrates how to make shallow water that your troops can walk through.

How to Make High Walls, by Yellek - Want to make walls higher than what the editor allows? This tutorial will show you how.

How to Make Ruins and Fire, by Yellek

Freeplay a Kingmaker, by Sir_Vet - Illustrates how to make a Kingmaker map playable as a Freeplay.

Sneaky Forest Paths, by Doomsword - An ingeniously simple way to make hidden paths through forests.

Bridges Over Canyons, by Doomsword - Illustrates the building of bridges over large drops.

Canyon Bridge Tutorial: Advanced Designs, by Doomsword - Adding water under canyon bridges.

How to Make a Cave, by Doomsword - Cave entrance eyecandy trick.


How to Make Free Builds Using the Default Keep, by Kester* - Using the default keep, this is the easiest way to assign a territory in a free build map.

How to Make Free Builds With a Selected Keep, by Kester* - If you would like to select one of the available keeps, rather than use the default keep.

How to Make Free Builds With AI Estates, by Kester* - How to add AI estates to your free build map.

How to Make Custom War Maps, by Yellek - This tutorial shows how to make a custom war map with 3 territories, 1 enemy, 1 enemy invasion, 1 wolf attack, and gong production reset to a new level.

Triggers and Events, by Wahnsinniger - An extensive list of all the triggers and events available in the Stronghold 2 map editor, along with descriptions.

Examples of Scripted Events, by Wahnsinniger - Basic and advanced concepts of triggers/actions/events/missions, along with scripting examples.

Move Ship Event, by Deluphusin - Illustrates how to use the Move Ship event.

Comprehensive Guide to Using Building Sites, By Ouly - Understanding building sites and how to control them.

Game Modding

Skins and Textures, By Doomsword - Shows how to edit texture files to make custom unit skins.

*) denotes a former staff member.