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Landscape Tools - 1st Icon - Terrain Height

First Row

The middle brush size was used in these screenshots.

Square Hill

Depending on the selected brush size, this tool can be used to make small hills or spiky peaks. The sides of the resulting hills will be straight up and down.


This tool can be used to cut a swath through higher elevations.

Terrain Height Equalizer

Placed on terrains of differing heights, this tool will quickly merge them.

Gradual Terrain Height Equalizer

This one is also for equalizing differing heights, but the changes are slower and more gradual.

Round Hill

This tool makes rounder, fuller small hills, and if used to full height, the edges will be round.

Diamond Hill

This tool creates a thinner small hill, and a diamond-shaped full height one.

Uneven Hill Terrain

This tool creates random, gentle rolling hills, best seen with the editor grid turned on.

Second Row - Terrain Heights

These tools instantly alter the terrain heights, from maximum height to minimum height.

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Icon images provided by Lord Caesar III
Write-up and screenshots by Kester*

*) denotes a former staff member.