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Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are the various shortcut keys you can use within Stronghold 2.

Command Shortcut What it does
Adjust game speed + or - on the numeric keypad Increases or decreases the game speed.
Pause P Pauses the game, pressing P again unpauses it.
Scroll S, W, A, D and Cursor keys Allows you to scroll around he map.
Top Down View Spacebar Changes the view so that you are looking down at the map from directly above.
Zoom R and F keys or spin mouse wheel forwards or back. Allows you to zoom in and out.
Rotate Map Q and E keys or hold down middle mouse button and move the mouse. Rotates the Map.
Rotate Buildings R Key or spin mouse wheel. Rotates the selected Building.
Interface panel showing Tab Pressing tab removes or replaces the interface panel from the screen
Window mode in map editor Tab Pressing tab in the map editor puts the screen into window mode
Single Wall Z Selects single thickness of stone wall
Double Wall X Selects double thickness of stone wall
Triple Wall C Selects triple thickness of stone wall
Wooden Wall V Selects wooden wall
Keep H Centres the screen on the keep
Barracks B 1st time - Opens the Barracks panel
2nd time - Centres the game on the Barracks.
Granary G 1st time - Opens the Granary panel
2nd time - Centres the game on the Granary.
Market M 1st time - Opens the Market panel
2nd time - Centres the game on the Market.
Mercenary Post N 1st time - Opens the Mercenary Post panel
2nd time - Centres the game on the Mercenary Post.
Monastery O 1st time - Opens the Monastery panel
2nd time - Centres the game on the Monastery.
Treasury T 1st time - Opens the Treasury panel
2nd time - Centres the game on the Treasury.
Seige Camp J Cycles through all your available seige camps
Estates . (period key) Cycles through all your Estates
Lords (cycle) Shift and L Cycles through all your Lords
Lord (locate) L Locates your Lord
Take Screenshot Alt & Q Takes an in game screen shot (Not working as of patch 1.2)
Bookmarking locations Ctrl & Alt & 0 to 9 You can bookmark up to 9 spots on the map to allow yourself to return to them quickly. Press Ctrl & Alt & the desired number to bookmark your current position.
Go to Bookmark Alt & 0 to 9 Press Alt and the appropriate number to return to that position on the map.
Grouping troops Ctrl & 0 to 9 You can create a group of troops by dragging a section box over the required troops and then pressing Ctrl and the desired number from 0 to 9.
Locating grouped troops 0 to 9 Press the appropriate number key to locate and select a group of troops that you have created.
Setting up waypoints Hold down shift and left click With troops selected hold down the shift key then left click on the map to create waypoints, you may set up to 9 of them.
Selecting particular unit types Left mouse button double click Double click on a troop to select all units of the same type that are visible on the screen.

Multi-player shortcuts

Command Shortcut What it does
Chat Enter Pressing the Enter key in multi-player games brings up the chat window
Taunt F1 to F12 Each function key sends a different taunt in multi-player games

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