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Take Over

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: Large
Number of Missions: 2
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.4.1

Take Over

In the beginning there was only 1 Castle standing over these grounds, owned by Sir William for many peaceful years and with 2 villages loyal to his castle heavily guarded by his men.

The normal peaceful sounds coming from Sir Williams bedroom window had a different tone, almost like the sound of troops marching mixed with the sounds of building, not quite close enough to really be made out.

When Sir William entered the great hall he was instantly hit with a barrage of voices both excited and scared, he held his hand up and the room fell silent, alright what's with the commotion he asked his right hand man Sir Fredrick. Fredrick said that to the south east a new castle is being built as we speak, large amounts of troops are moving into the area they look to belong to Sir Grey and I doubt if their here for a picnic, if that's not enough there's another new castle being built on the other side of the lake to the south.

As he gathered all of the information, he learned of Sir Grey coming into the valley and setting up a castle on his side of the lake, he also learned of Sir Greys plan of owning both sides of the lake. William new of Sir Greys exploits from past battles and did not think to much of Sir Greys chances of defeating the new Lord across the lake, even though he new nothing of the new Lord.

William and Fredrick were in the main hall talking about the new war that came to their land, only a few weeks since Sir Grey arrived and already 2 large towers and a gate closing the only entrance to Sir Grey and units attacking across the bridge, the new Lord had already set range units into the only tower across the bridge along with melee units on his side, the scouts had reported that Sir Grey had not been successful in getting across the bridge, as Sir Grey stepped up the invasions time would tell.

And as time went by the new Lord (you) managed to keep Sir Grey from crossing the bridge and now it's your turn to cross the bridge and take the fight to Sir Grey. Across the bridge and to the south is the only supply of iron, take the village and start making better troops, Sir Grey is fairly well defended, but mission 2 will be where you need the stronger troops.

Mission 2, now that Sir Grey has been defeated, your attention should turn to Sir William, there are several ways into the castle grounds, and several flags in the villages and castle grounds that will bring heavy reinforcements, taking the villages and Sir Williams castle will not be easy. You won't have to worry about your castle being attacked or any time limits, the win will come when you own all of the estates.

Happy gaming

By Sir_Vet
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BigJ26 This map is really good and challenging. It took me a few tries to figure out how to get myself set up so I could sustain the constant invasions as well as being able to expand into new territories. This map is fun. I recommend it. If you play this map and you like it then you should leave this guy some feedback :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It was great. So many events must have gone into this map. The enemy was always there in great numbers to counter my every move. They never let me take an estate easy. For every bit of ground gained I was beaten back and forced to rearm and re-assault. I've never seen the AI work like this. It was quite exquisite.

Balance: 5
Balance? Pfffft. And labeled Normal? pffft! This map was quite the challenge! Many hours of great play to get through it. The building availability and market availability made building and maintaining the economy and war machine a bit more challenging than your normal round of kingmaker indeed!

Creativity: 5
If the map author told me he spent six months on this map... I would believe him. This is by far the best map I have downloaded from this website!

Map Design: 5
Very beautiful landscape. From the hills, trees, iron and stone deposits, the final assault was made a bit more challenging with the placement of towers in hills making the normal "shock and awe" of using 30 cannons to force your enemy into submission almost impossible and using those cannons against heavy enemy reinforcements proved to be a better use.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was good, gave you a clear picture of what was going on what you needed to do.

Additional Comments:

I spent probably about 6-8 hours playing this map and enjoyed every minute of it and will most likely chose this map in the future when I have a good amount of time to dedicate towards it. Some good tunes and a good map that forces you to plan your every move. If you're not careful you can easily lose your entire garrison of men. Had a blast with this map.
File Author
BigJ26 Thank you very much for coming back and making a comment about my map, I'm glad you liked it, this is a hard map with lots to keep you busy.

Your comment about coming back and leaving some feedback is most welcome.

I have more maps that I could post, but the lack of responses doesn't give me to much incentive to post more.

Making and posting maps is a lot of hard work, all I ask for is a little feedback.

Thanks to all you people who downloaded my maps and I hope you've enjoyed them.


Thank You very much for all of the fine responses, unfortunately there is no more work being done by the moderators.

I am still making and posting new maps, and I am re posting some of my old maps at a new web site. "strongholdnation," And I will be updating some of my old maps for the new site.

Hope to see you there!

[Edited on 02/02/14 @ 08:25 AM]

BigJ26 My maps have hundreds even thousands of downloads and hardly ever see any comments. I know how it feels. My pride and joy "the island" however got a good bit of feedback and a rating. I also submitted a rating on this map :D cheers.

I don't know if you've played the island but I have a new map that will be uploaded soon I hope. It's called Jealousy, Lust and Revenge and takes place after the map The Island. It has a long in-depth story that attaches the two maps to each other.

If you are a steam gamer I'm "BigJ24" on there.
File Author
There was a time when you would get a good amount of feedback for a map, ratings to, I do have maps with no comments at all and some with great comments and ratings.

Now people just download maps and leave then don't bother coming back and commenting on the maps.

People if you want more maps to play then its up to you to help make posting maps more rewarding, leave a thank you or a few words about the maps, maybe even a rating once in a while.

BigJ26 I appreciate the rating very much, thank you, looking forward to seeing what you said.:-)

I did play your "Island map when you posted it, I thought it a bit long and tedious, cutting wood for the iron and digging out the last wolves became boring, good map though, I will keep an eye out for your new map.

Sorry, no I'm not into steam and I don't play to many other makers maps, I'm usually to busy making my own maps, I also build maps for the other series. Best of luck with your new map.


Splattoon Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4.5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments: Great Map , enjoyed myself immensely, One day I might submit a map unfortunately due to Nvidia driver update 327.23 drivers caused my stronghold 2 to crash , have reverted to previous drivers but throughout the ordeal, I inadvertently deleted several of my maps (20) and now I looking for a backup that i made but had a general clean up , a few weeks ago and I think I lost them OH well back to the map editor ...
Lord_Al2169 This is a great download. I wish I had the time patience and skill to produce something similar. I played it three times on the spin and I know that I will come back to it again
at some time in the future. So thank you very much Sir_Vet. I think that it is a masterpiece and the best that I have come across. I do hope that you keep producing such quality.
File Author

Hi Lord_Al2169,

Thanks for trying my map and for the valued comments.

I've enjoyed playing this map many times, it is a lot of fun to play, with more than enough to keep you busy and enough different ways to play it to keep it interesting. I'm glad you had fun.

You might want to try some of the other maps I've posted to this site, just type my name into the search box.

Critz Xtremus love the picture, nice layout, eye candy and a hell of a nice river, good work my friend.

btw, is this site totally dead or wat... no one is replying no update in views to my "land of fortune" map and not even anyone uploading my updated map, been 9 days since ive submitted it, is there a site i missed or something?

[Edited on 11/23/13 @ 10:09 AM]

File Author

Hi Critz Xtremus, Thanks for responding to my map, I hope you enjoyed playing.

Yes this site is pretty well done, I posted this map in April and it finally got uploaded 2 months later after bugging the mods in the forums, now I'm waiting for a mod to upload the review BigJ26 gave me, and he's waiting for his map to be uploaded.

But there might be some good news, "Stronghold Nations" is starting up. I might be trying that site, there are a few new maps on my hard drive.

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Map Design5.0
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