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Craggy Island

Author File Description
brave sir robyn
File Details
Number of Missions: 1
Difficulty: Normal
Lady Seren D'Oile has charged you, a young and ambitious Knight, with the prestigious task of traveling to Craggy Island and supervising the restoration of the ruined monastery.
Many years past a thriving industry existed here with a spiritual and content community. However as the raids of 'Olaf the Jack' increased and the wars on the mainland bled finances from the King's treasury, overtime the small but happy isle was abandoned and all that remains today are a few ruins.
Now though the King's niece, Lady Seren, has made it her personal mission to re-establish Craggy Island and restore it to it's former glory. Of course, the young Knights of the County were falling over themselves to aid the helpless damsel, but it was you that won favour. Aren't you the lucky one?

You arrive with a small band of troops to meet Father's Crilly and Maguire, who are already on the island with a small party of their brethren, ready to light the beacons to warn of the dangerous waters around these shores.

Your first task is to amass enough food for the Monks, enabling more of their number to join your cause and begin the re-building of the monastery. They will also bring with them a Tax Collector, allowing your economy to grow.

Once the necessary materials are collected and the monastery is complete, Lady Seren has agreed to re-open the trade routes to the island. She may also send some troops to protect her new found interest.

Thirdly, once you have attained a certain level of Honour the King himself has promised to officially recognize Craggy Island once more and send a Royal Guard.

Why all this protection? Olaf's raiders are still frequent visitors to the isle and they have, in the past, used it as a staging post for larger raids on the mainland. He won't be too pleased to see you - and he doesn't take prisoners!

This is a small 'economic' scenario - well, economic in the sense that apart from bandits you can't recruit your own troops and you have to collect stuff. There should still be enough violence to satisfy the more warlike among you ...

Many thanks to HicRic and WitchHazel for playtests.

Happy gaming ... Hope you enjoy it!
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Scotlandfan It is a beautiful map :-) , however, it is a little complicated due to the number of tasks that are to fulfill. And whenever I'm close to having the first task done, which is to get enough pigs, vegetables and wine, then I'm already killed by those troops from Olaf which attack anyway, wether I set traps or not.

I also have a question, from the beginning, there is no way to collect iron and stone yet; will this be possible when other parts of the mission are completed before?

[Edited on 06/16/05 @ 01:54 PM]

brave sir robyn
File Author
Thanks for the compliment! :-)

You do have to work pretty fast to collect the Royal foods; don't forget to turn off their consumption, that helps!
All buildings needed to win will become available during the course of the game.

It's not an easy map, my maps rarely are ;-), but it's perfectly winnable. If you can get organized and do well early on, then a win could be achieved around 15 game years onwards, possibly even earlier.

Good luck!
Element_Five A really good map :) Well the invading troops are quite tough but not impossible ive made it yesterday :) I hope u do more maps like this and maybe some warmaps too?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

It's a very fun map to play, and even to replay. I have to admit that quality maps to upload are so rare, that only a few can challenge Craggy. Mixt of economy and military, the map is not really a peaceful story. It means that everybody would not find shoes for is feet : if looking pure military adventure, or pure economic challenge. Really, the scenario tempo can be frantic, expect perhaps for most skilled players. Consequence is you have to manage at the same time eco and military, that could stress some players. For who find fun in/and challenge, it's a 5.

Balance: 5

Mixt of eco and military, like said above, the map is well timed. Gold requirement would had gain to be higheer. At the current requirement, some player will find gold requirement is fine, allowing then to hire mercenaries in number to defend against invaders, Experienced players will find it's too weak requirement (hopefully gold is only one of the eco goal). Sadly, like FF forgot to include difficulty level in SH2, it's difficult to find an universal way. I will considere here, the way chose is the good one, allowing new players to survive.
Like often take a good start is capital. That lead to frantic activity early in game. Bad decision at start could also doom you.

Creativity: 4

In his structure map look like a stronghold 1 ecovasion. Script and SH2 new feature are well used in an other hand. Nothing enough outsanding to deserve a 5, but fine, and great quality job. Goals, and missions achievement consequences, are a bit blur at start (and/or first time you play the map), and push play to anticipation and make bets in hope of benefit (that really happen). This uncertain situation, requiring player's anticipation for supposed gain is rather creative.
Here editing the map before to play it is a true sacriledge. Scenario in itself is very good. 4 score, mostly for fine use of the editor possibility and SH2 features.

Map Design: 5

A very beautiful and detailled map, with typical atmosphere and terrain look. It's clear there is work behind the design. It's also clear that general design, as well as details were though before, and made in a clear goal. Result is very convincing. Goal reached. I download a fair number of map, and at this time only Warlord design can match BSR work (or the inverse)

Story/Instructions: 5

Really, I had read the story, but I dont remember the details. To be completly clear, perhaps the story deserve only a four, my 5 's score in this section reflect really my general feeling toward the map.

Comments : I agree with a previous player comment : "Please, make more maps like this". For lot of mapmakers Craggy could be an example, when too much two hours made maps polute the download section. Hard but true. Craggy is an example of what can be achieve with work and time consuming.

If it wasn't the review guide, map would be scored 5/5. In comparaison to most other users maps, it would be a 6/5. Really I sincerely thing Craggy is in the top 3 of users's maps actually available, and elligible to the podium.

PS : if you look for a peaceful eco map, close to a freebuild, look elsewhere. The map would even be more elligible for a path of war with economic goal... Especially considering at SH2 economic scenarii are now called "Peace scenarii".
Lopat Playability: 5

Balance: 4
Its really hard to beat.. I didn't finish it yet.. maybe at an replay, where I know where to expect attacks....

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5
Really beautifull... good balance in details...
And a vulcano :D

Story/Instructions: 5
All objectives are descriped in a nice way..

Additional Comments:
This is really an amazing map...
War economics... you have to plan how to build.. every available building you will need.

The guys from Firefly should Hire YoU!


Review retracted, but left for demonstrative reasons. A lovely comment, but not substantive enough to be a review. Be sure to read the Review Guidelines and write more to support your scores by citing features from the map.
--Sir Hugh

[Edited on 11/22/08 @ 07:29 PM]

Stratego I personally don't like such kind of maps that are more frustrating than enjoyable...

...alas, too hard and impossible to win for an average player!

Besides one question: Why do my peasants leave the settlement, though my popularity is high enough (+5)?

I guess, this map will need more hints and an extra walkthrough, too.


[Edited on 07/19/05 @ 01:40 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The map is pretty exciting to play on and can be interesting to re-play since there is some optionality in achieving the goals put in front of a player. For example building sheep farms in order to produce 100 cloth along with the ability to trade in wool gives the choice. Same is for grapes and both goods can be sold to get 4800 gold when they are not needed.

Balance: 5
The viking invasions and wolwes are fitting perfectly well to entertain the player when the economy has been set up and there is not much effort needed for that when you are an 'aggressive producer'.

Creativity: 5
I guess the author used all the potential of the map editor to put up a solid storyline!

Map Design: 5
The map design is good - the uneven terrain puts an additional challenge restricting the amount of industries that can be built. Though the following tactics saved the efforts and time: for example I put sheep farms to the maximum number fitting in the free space, then demolish them after the needed amount of woool was gathered and put the weavers instead.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are pretty good (overall it's good to see story behind the map and a text without mistakes) - can't say I read every bit of them though (hehe). The only thing I would recommend to improve is to write explicitly what steps the player must take to be on time. Not sure if it is technically possible in editor but the ingame hints could prove usefull as well as in-game messages from monks, Lady Seren, King just to produce the effect of player being guided. Again don't know if the map editor offers that functionality.

Additional Comments:
For those who could not manage the attacks: put your melee troops around the castle and your archers on the tower to cover the area, strike with all the melee force when the enemy is too close to the castle, don't bother about the fallen peasants - they will reproduce unlike the troops, forget about the spike traps - they are ineffective on such terrain when there is no distinct single path of enemy attackers.
Neferjili Playability: 5
Excellent. Challenging and makes you think.

Balance: 5
Very good. There are a number of things to keep track of.
Creativity: 4
Very good
Map Design: 5
A lot of though went into drawing this map, I'm sure. The uneven hills are indeed "craggy" and hard to build on!

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good story. I like the way that each stage gets a well-explained reward, in the sense of getting some troops or ability to build stuff, and also brings new challenges.

Additional Comments:

Review retracted, but left for demonstrative reasons. Be sure to read the Review Guidelines and write more to support your scores by citing features from the map.
--Sir Hugh

[Edited on 11/22/08 @ 07:27 PM]

SaeaSpeaks Playability: 4
Very challenging. I couldn't play it without knowing what to prepare for in the upcoming tasks, though.

Balance: 4
The invasions are tough, especially breaking in on the armies that would sit over the stone and iron pits.

Creativity: 5
Very creative, and inspirational to me to try to figure out all the triggers.

Map Design: 5
I love this map.

Story/Instructions: 5
I liked how the storyline didn't give away exactly what was going to happen.

Additional Comments:
I wish there were a way to announce an event, such as the dropping off of new troops. I really liked how I have to play it over and over and over to get it just right. It can be so frustrating to lose when I only needed one more linen roll, and it was on the way, but the euphoria of completing the tasks felt well-earned.

Review retracted, but left for demonstrative reasons. This is a good comment, but be sure to read the Review Guidelines and write more to support your scores by citing features from the map.
--Sir Hugh

[Edited on 11/22/08 @ 07:28 PM]

AlastairScarlett It's a tricky one alright! Doesn't seem impossible though.

I'd disagree with the comment about not using the traps - correctly placed they can wipe out an entire invasion. :o)

I've not got near completing this yet, but I won't give up yet.

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Map Design5.0
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